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Julie Santos jjavellana-santos at ateneo.edu
Tue Nov 6 11:52:44 PHT 2012

In the beginning of this year, Ateneo de Manila University through the
University Communication and Public Relations Office retained the services
of a web development company, Spinweb Technologies Inc., to redesign the
Ateneo website. 


After having been in use for about seven years, the website's content
management system (CMS) had begun to act up, with entire content blocks


Thus the decision to redesign a new CMS and website.


Today the redesigned Ateneo website (w3.ateneo.edu) is going beta at last.
By midday today, the new Ateneo website will be online and visible to the
entire world. It can be accessed through a link on the current Ateneo


The new website is a work in progress by the University Communication and
Public Relations Office and web developer Spinweb Inc.


As such, portions will progressively be going online. First to go online
will be the news, features, sports and research portions on the main page,
the President's Corner, the UAAP page, the Alumni Events page, the Grade
School, High School and some Central Administration websites. Many,
especially the new offices, are still incomplete. Others still link to their
former websites.


By Friday (Nov. 9), those of the Loyola Schools (school homepages,
departments and faculty pages) will also go online. 


At the moment, the new website will have to co-exist with the current Ateneo
website at  <http://www.ateneo.edu> www.ateneo.edu. This will give us time
to test the stability and speed of the new website, and allow us to make
adjustments based on feedback we will be receiving. For this purpose, a
feedback form has prominently been placed on the new website.


This testing period will last until the end of November and the current
Ateneo website will be deactivated by December 1, 2012. By this time, the
new website will almost be 100% complete and it will take over the URL of
the current website.



Julie Javellana-Santos

Editorial head

University Communication and Public Relations Office

Ateneo de Manila University

4266001 loc 4095


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