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Newsbriefs 18 May 2012 Afternoon

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan


Corona family not fleeing Philippines - defense (www.philstar.com)


"MANILA, Philippines - The family of Chief Justice Renato Corona will not flee and seek asylum in another country where the Philippines has no extradition treaty with.


Lawyer Karen Jimeno, a spokesperson of Corona and his defense team, said in an interview with ABS-CBN News that Mrs. Corona assured that rumors that they are fleeing are not true.

"I don't know what is the purpose of this rumor, but whatever it is, the simple answer to it is it is not true," Jimeno said.


A text message which alleged that Mrs. Corona has booked a flight to Barcelona, Spain on May 19 (Saturday) has been circulating."


Corona confident of acquittal (www.philstar.com)


"MANILA, Philippines - See you next year.


This was Chief Justice Renato Corona's message to his critics as he expressed confidence yesterday that he would be acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial.


Corona takes the witness stand next Tuesday.


The chief magistrate believes he will be able to hurdle his ordeal and, in the end, be cleared by the Senate sitting as an impeachment court.


But Corona said he also would have to brace for another impeachment, as revealed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales during the hearing earlier this week.


Corona attended a special Mass at the Supreme Court for his second anniversary as Chief Justice.


Solon urges Ombudsman to probe if part of Corona wealth came from Mrs. Arroyo (INQUIRER.net)


"MANILA, Philippines - Following up on his suggestion for Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales to look into the possibility that beleaguered Chief Justice Renato Corona's unexplained wealth could have come from former president and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares on Friday urged Morales to study the chief magistrate's timeline of transactions.


In particular, Colmenares asked the Ombudsman for information on possible transactions dated November 15 last year which was when the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) on Justice Secretary Leila de Lima's travel ban on the former president.


"We would like to ask the Ombudsman if there are large deposits during and around that date and to trace the source of those deposits, if any," said the lawmaker."


IBP reminded public to keep an open mind on Corona testimony  (INQUIRER.net, Radyo Inquirer 990AM)


"MANILA, Philippines-Listen to what Chief Justice Renato Corona has to say before making a judgment, a lawyer from the Integrated Bar of the Philippines' Impeachment Watch said Friday.


"We have to listen on both sides. It will not be called fair play if we will listen [to the Chief Justice's testimony] but we will keep a close mind," lawyer Trixie Angeles of the Impeachment Watch said in an interview.


"We have to judge based on reason. If his explanation is reasonable and within the realm of probability then, it is our obligation to give him the benefit of the doubt. But if what he will say is not within that realm of probability, at least we have already given him the opportunity to explain his side, then it is only reasonable to convict him," she said."


GMA seeks clarification on Unas testimony ( ABS-CBN News)


"MANILA, Philippines - Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has sought clarification as to whether former provincial administrator Norie Unas is a state witness in the electoral sabotage case against her.


Arroyo's lawyer Benjamin Santos filed a motion before the Pasay Regional Trial Court Branch 112 to require a certification that Unas is under the witness protection program.


Unas is a crucial witness against Arroyo, and his absence could weaken the case against her. 

The same motion points out that Unas' whereabouts is unknown. 


Mrs. Arroyo has filed a motion to be allowed to post bail. While electoral sabotage is a nonbailable offense, judges can allow her to post bail if evidence is weak.


The next bail hearing is set for May 31."


China using Scarborough dispute to hide scandals, analysts say (ABS-CBNnews.com)


"MANILA, Philippines - China's Communist Party could be using its territorial dispute with the Philippines to hide domestic scandals from its people, according to foreign analysts and bloggers.


China's leaders could be stoking nationalism in the media over the Scarborough dispute to shift attention away from home, said Harry Kazianis, assistant editor of The Diplomat, an international current affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region.


"The Chinese Communist Party has a great deal of influence over what is said in its mainstream media in print, over the radio, on TV and in social media. If Chinese authorities were so inclined, they could rein in jingoism. Yet there seems little inclination so far to do so," Kazianis wrote in"an article, "Beware of Chinese Jingoism".


Jingoism is defined as extreme patriotism in the form of an aggressive foreign policy.

He criticized Chinese media's calls for war between China and the Philippines over the Scarborough dispute.


"Chinese media has shifted its gaze elsewhere. In the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea, depending on which party you ask, tensions are being stoked in the form of provocative editorials, reporting, and the actions of Chinese journalists. Such reporting - nothing more than old fashioned jingoism - sets a dangerous precedent in an area of the world that is already rife with tensions. And, while such coverage is useful for turning the page on China's internal political soap operas, fueling the fires of Chinese nationalism can only inject a dangerous element that, if left unchecked, could make it harder for either side to compromise," he said."


Comelec wants voters' education taught in HS (ABS-CBN News)


"MANILA, Philippines - The Commission on Elections has thrown its support for House Bill 5784, which mandates the inclusion of voters' education in the high school curriculum.


In a press conference, Commissioner Elias Yusoph welcomed the bill, saying voters' values must change or the country will keep on having the same problems of vote buying in each election.


The bill, authored and filed by Paranaque Rep. Edwin Olivarez in February, states that voters education should be taught to 4th year high school students in both public and private schools and those enrolled in the alternative learning system.


The bill tasks the Department of Education, the Comelec and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to develop a common curriculum that shall include values formation, importance of the right to suffrage and the sanctity of the ballot, factors in evaluating and choosing candidates and the electoral process in the Philippines."


Ona asks doctors to back RH bill (www.philstar.com)


"MANILA, Philippines - Health Secretary Enrique Ona has asked the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to back the Responsible Parenthood bill.


Speaking during the 105th PMA annual convention last Wednesday, Ona said the Responsible Parenthood Bill will particularly empower local governments in pursing responsible parenthood programs in their localities.


"Another bill that I would like all of us to support is HB 4244 or the Responsible Parenthood Bill, which I know some are not in favor of," he said.

"I believe that families, especially the very poor, should be empowered to decide on their family size."


Ona said support for the bill is not about curbing the population.


"It is just giving mothers the power to decide the size of their family," he said."





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