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Update on the redesign of the Ateneo website

May 2, 2012


The website of the Ateneo de Manila University ( <http://www.ateneo.edu>
www.ateneo.edu) has always been the showcase of the university's different
facets to the entire world. Over the last year, however, the site began to
show an unstable framework with several content blocks acting erratically
and disappearing. After due consultations with the university's information
technology (IT) group composed of Patrick Medina and Ton Dolor of the Campus
Network Group (CNG), Sandra Lovenia of the IT Resource Management Office
(ITRMO) and Rey delos Reyes of the Loyola Schools' Management Information
Systems (MIS) it was decided that a redesign of the Ateneo website was in
order. It is only fitting since the website has been in use for almost seven
years and is in need of a redesign and of upgrade.


A bidding was thus held for this redesign and out of almost fifty initial
bidders, the field was narrowed down to two web development companies.
Eventually Spinweb Productions Inc. emerged as the winner.


Work began in mid-January 2012. After several consultations with the
different school units, a design began to take shape. Spinweb Project
Manager Ren Villanueva committed to complete both the design and its
framework in time for a launch on July 3, the Feast of St. Ignatius.


During the past month, Spinweb concentrated on finalizing the designs for
the main page ateneo.edu, the grade school, and high school. The designs for
the High School and Grade School pages have been finalized. These will
include their own news, features and sports pages as well as a link to the
general admissions page, which will be divided into Graduate School, Loyola
Schools, High School and Grade School.


At present, the four Loyola Schools are in the midst of choosing the right
templates that will reflect their individual "personalities."


Spinweb is also realigning the navigational content and the URL's for the
main page and for each school. 


Uploading of new content will start this May once the design has been
completed. For some sites, it can start immediately but for others it will
have to be done simultaneously with the creation of a design and the
approval of the chosen designs.


Judging by the work already done, the new website will indeed be launched as
scheduled on July 31, 2012. Since the website is a work in progress, some
pages attached to the main site will be ready in time for the soft launch on
June 1, 2012, ahead of the others. 


The initial design studies show a need for a large number of creative, high
resolution photos which will showcase Ateneo life, its buildings, students,


We would like to involve the Ateneo community in this respect. On June 11,
2012, the University Communication and Public Relations Office (UCPRO), the
group in charge of the redesign, will launch a university-wide photo
competition to be called "The Ateneo Way: Faces, Places, Spaces."


Entries will become part of the UCPRO's photo library and will be used in
various ways on the new website and on the Ateneo Facebook page. This photo
component will definitely be a large and important part of the overall
design since Internet readers are more visual and are attracted more by
pictures than text. 


Contest details will be posted in the coming week.





Julie Javellana-Santos

Editorial Head

University Communication & Public Relations Office

Ateneo de Manila University

2nd Floor Faber Hall, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Telephone: 4266001 extension 4095


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