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Kritika Kultura's Monograph Series Section is inviting papers on  
Diaspora, Migration, Transnationalism, and Identity.

The phenomenon of globalization and the transnational circuiting of  
goods, commodities, and people have engendered a contemporary  
condition of diaspora or the dispersal of immigrants to different  
parts of the globe. Borders and boundaries heretofore perceived as  
physically real and tangible have become porous. The displacement of  
people has caused, among other consequences, "schizoid" or shifting  
identities or subjectivities.

Literary and cultural studies scholars and critics have theorized and  
debated on the category "diaspora," spawning crucial developments,  
like the emergence of categories such as "nostalgia," "homeland,"  
"diasporic identity," "hybridity,"  "ethnicity," "authenticity," etc.,  
and in turn, such categories have been the subject of  
reconceptualization and refunctioning  by the specificities of the  
diasporic communities.

Kritika Kultura   is interested in the complex play of dialectics  and  
  dynamics of these current debates borne out of the theorization and  
the methodological approaches to diaspora,  its related categories,  
and the  discursive practices that emerge as a result of the  
dialectics between a diasporic community vis-à-vis the vagaries of the  
hegemonic  culture and nation-state.

Kritika Kultura's Monograph Series invites scholars in the Humanities,  
Social Sciences, and trans-disciplinary fields like  History, Urban  
and Cultural Studies, etc., who work on diasporic formation,   
particularly the  Filipino diaspora all over the globe to submit  
manuscripts that interrogate  the subject and its related  categories.  
Below are some topics or key issues that can be addressed:

1. The politics of location and identity
2. The negotiation or reterritorialization of  diasporic space, like
         narrative-making and "definitional ceremonies"
3. Narratives by migrant and  immigrant subjects
4. Intersection of global economy, transnational circuiting of goods,
         services, and market in the diasporic communities
5. Reproduction of diasporic identity vis-à-vis the demands and pressures
         of the new host country and the originary country
6. The currency of roots,  origin, and "authenticity" for diasporic  
7. How the categories of identification, such as gender, class, race, and
         ethnicity function in the constitution and regulation of immigrants
8. Emergence of new diasporic languages and culture forms

Submission Guidelines:

1. Kritika Kultura's Monograph Series accepts papers on an ongoing basis, but
         for possible publication of essays for the Dec 2012 Issue, we invite
         scholars to submit manuscripts before the second week of September,
2. Please email a soft copy of the full paper, an abstract, and a 5-  
10 sentence
         bionote to maperez at ateneo.edu or to Kritika Kultura website:
         Email: kritikultura at gmail.com
3. Papers submitted must be in Word, using Times New Roman, 12 font  
size. Please
         visit the Kritika Kultura website

*Kritika Kultura is an ISI, Thomson-Reuters indexed, refereed online journal*

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