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Peace and God’s blessings be with you.

You are invited to hear renowned spirituality author and retreat
giverMargaret Silfoffer perspectives on spiritual growth, discernment
and faith for
contemporary Christians.

Register now to join “Days of Reflection with Margaret Silf,” a four-day
recollection/workshop with renowned spirituality author and retreat giver
Margaret Silf on January 26-29, 2012 (8:30AM – 4:30PM) at the Walter Hogan
Conference Center, ISO Complex, Ateneo de Manila University.

The featured themes are the following (please see a summary of each theme

Jan 26, 2012 - Living God’s Dream: A Fresh Look at the Spiritual Exercises
of St. Ignatius
Jan 27, 2012 - Discernment: Finding a True Course in a Bewildering World
Jan 28, 2012 - The Other Side of Chaos: Breaking Through When Life is
Breaking Down
Jan 29, 2012  -  Faith in the Future: What It Means to be a Person of Faith
in Today’s World

This event is a joint project of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality
(celebrating its 20th year), the Center for Family Ministries (celebrating
its 25th year) and EMMAUS Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation
(celebrating 30 years)

Registration fee is 1,000 PHP per day inclusive of snacks and materials. A
discounted rate of 3,600 PHP is offered to participants who register for
all four days on or before January 16, 2012.

Interested participants may contact Ruby or Bheng at telephone numbers
426-4250 or 426-4251, cellphone number 0916-3020702 or email,
silf.manila at yahoo.com, silf.manila at gmail.com. Or link to our Facebook event
page <https://www.facebook.com/events/280333575347245/>.


Margaret Silf is the prolific writer of many books on the spiritual journey
for 21st century pilgrims. Her works include* Inner Compass, Close to the
Heart, Wayfaring, Sacred Spaces*, *Compass Points: Meeting God Every Day at
Every Turn* and *The Gift of Prayer* which won the Catholic Press
Association award in 2006. In the year 2011, the following titles were also
released: *Simple Faith* (Loyola Press), *Landscapes of Prayer* (Lion
Hudson) and *The Other Side of Chaos: Breaking Through When Life is
Breaking Down *(Loyola Press).  Aside from writing books, she is also a
regular columnist for *America* magazine since 2006, and a contributor to
the *New Daylight *series of daily readings for Bible Reading Fellowship.

Born in l945 and raised in Sheffield, England, Margaret Silf currently
lives in Cheshire, in the northwest English midlands. She received her B.A.
in English from the University of London and an M.A. from the University of

In 1992, Margaret Silf made her first retreat and shortly after began
training as a prayer guide, mentored by Jesuits in the British Provence.
She made the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in daily life in 1996-97 with the
British Jesuit, Gerry Hughes, author of *God of Surprises*. After having
worked as a translator in Germany and a systems programmer in the UK,
Margaret decided in March, 2000, to retire to write as well as conduct
retreats and spirituality workshops, full time.

Margaret spends a great deal of her time traveling around the world. She
has facilitated such workshops in various centers in the U.S. and Canada
such as the Mercy Center in San Francisco and in New York, the Guelph
Spirituality Centre in Ontario, the FCJ Center in Calgary, and the
Institute for Adult Spiritual Renewal at Loyola University, Chicago. She
has also given talks and retreats in different Ignatian Spirituality
centers in South Africa, Singapore and Australia. Most recently, she was
the featured resource person in the Conference of Directors of Ignatian
Spirituality Centers organized by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific
(JCAP). This was held in Hong Kong last November 2011.


*Jan 26, 2012*
*Living God’s Dream: *
*A Fresh Look at the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius *

God has a dream for every human heart, and is constantly striving to bring
that dream to fulfillment, just as a good parent strives to nourish and
bring forth the potential of the beloved child.

We will explore something of God’s dream for us through some basic Ignatian
themes, but without assuming any prior knowledge, or using specifically
Ignatian language.

We will be seeking to explore what it might mean to be making a journey
towards our authentic selves in God and how we can become more aware of our
call to make this journey a reality in our lives.

We will reflect on our own dreams and desires, and how we can learn to tell
the difference between those that incarnate God’s Dream for us, and those
that are merely daydreams.We will also notice our times of despair and
disillusionment, and how they too might be a channel for God’s grace and an
invitation to grow spiritually.

Our focus will be to seek to discover for ourselves where God is touching
our own lives, and the life of the world and how we might work with God in
this great challenge of becoming  the people God is dreaming us to be.

*Jan 27, 2012*
*Discernment: *
*Finding a True Course in a Bewildering World *

We live in times of great anxiety as old certainties crumble – but also
times of enormous potential for the human family to grow closer to God’s
Dream. Where is this dream leading us in our ‘post-modern’ 21st century
world? What questions are people *really* asking? What is stirring in their

Experience among searchers of all Christian traditions, and of none,
suggest that they are looking for solid ground on which to base their
lives, for wisdom to help them in their myriad daily choices, for the
freedom to let go of what may be holding them back from following their
highest ideals, and for a sense of purpose and a vision that is bigger than
all the boxes. They are longing for the elusive “more”. They are looking
for treasure that is right there in the goldmine of our Christian
tradition, but how can we communicate it today, to those who are searching
but may not even know what they are searching for?

*Jan 28, 2012 *
*The Other Side of Chaos:*
*Breaking Through When Life is Breaking Down *

We are living in times of great flux and transition. Where is God in this
experience, how can we best navigate the changes we are facing? Can we
trust that breakdown become breakthrough, not just for ourselves but for
the whole human family?

Our Christian faith rests upon a moment of apparently total 'breakdown' on
the cross, yet that breakdown becomes a breakthrough into a possibility we
could never have imagined - a whole new way of being human. Can this faith
apply also to our present global breakdowns, and in what ways might we be
able to nourish a new 'spirituality of transition'?

We will look for the blessings in the chaos, and seek the grace to trust
that the Holy Spirit, as in the beginning, still hovers over the chaos of
our lives and experience, constantly striving to bring forth new beginnings.

(Based on ‘The Other Side of Chaos’, Loyola Press Chicago, Autumn 2011)

*Jan 29, 2012 *
*Faith in the Future:*
*What It Means to be a Person of Faith in Today’s World*
* *
What does it mean to be a person of faith in today’s world?

Is it about ‘believing six impossible things before breakfast’? Or perhaps
more about trusting a power beyond ourselves rather than giving
intellectual assent to a set of propositions.

We will look at who God is for us, who Jesus is for us, and what it means
to follow him in our lives and not just in our words.

Can ‘faith’ take us beyond ‘religion’, to a radical following of one who
shows us what it means to be ‘a human being fully alive’? And what does
that following mean for us in our world today, both personally and
globally? What questions does the challenge of faith bring up for us, and
should we really be looking for answers?

(The talk is based on the book ‘Simple Faith’, Loyola Press, Chicago, 2011)


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