[Blueboard] A-Fair: The Loyola Schools Fair

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Wed Jan 11 12:02:45 PHT 2012

12 December 2011

Memo To:    The Loyola Schools Community

From:       John Paul C. Vergara, Ph.D.
             Vice President for the Loyola Schools

Subject:    A-Fair: The Loyola Schools Fair

On the 13th and 14th of January 2012, the Loyola Schools will be  
having the A – Fair : The Loyola Schools Fair.  This is an initiative  
of our students in cooperation with the various sectors of the LS  
community which aims to celebrate the oneness of our community.  The  
2-day fair will feature numerous merchandise, food, and activity  
booths, as well as various minor and major events.  All of these will  
be taking place on-campus and is open to the public.

In relation to this, classes from 12:30 p.m. onwards on Friday, 13  
January will be cancelled to allow students to take-part in and enjoy  
the fair.  Graduate students are likewise invited to join the  
activities but classes will not be cancelled. Classes on Saturday, 14  
January will proceed with their usual schedules.  For both days,  
offices will observe the usual work schedules.  Offices that have  
direct participation in the fair are requested to manage their  
schedules accordingly.

Promotions and details about the specific activities of the fair will  
be released soon by the student organizers.  Thank you for your  
enthusiasm and support, and see you at the fair!

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