[Blueboard] Call for Assistance for Raquel R. Villa (Rackie) of Central Purchasing Office

Tomas L. Testa IV tltesta at ateneo.edu
Fri Jan 6 16:06:57 PHT 2012

"While most of us dined over a bountiful feast with our families on  
Christmas eve, and were awed by the concert of fireworks all over the  
New Year's eve night sky, Rackie Villa only had intravenous fluids and  
artificially-infused oxygen to indulge on, and with only the bright  
lights to gaze at were the fluorescent bulbs at the ceiling of  
Cardinal Santos Medical Center (Colinas Verdes Hospital Managers,  
Inc), where she stayed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for two weeks.

Raquel Rigonan Villa, 40 years old, was rushed to the hospital on the  
evening of December 7, 2011, and is still confined there as of the  
present time.  She was diagnosed with a rare type of aneurism.  Her  
attending doctors informed us that her case is inoperable.   It deeply  
pains us knowing that her right side is completely paralyzed; thus,  
leaving her bed-ridden and unable to talk.  'Rackie' as we fondly call  
her, works as a purchasing assistant here at the Ateneo de Manila  
University, and has been rendering service to our University for the  
past 15 years.  She is described by her colleagues as exceptionally  
hardworking to the point that she will opt to stay in the office to  
finish her work even if others have already left for home.

Rackie was initially scheduled to be discharged from the hospital last  
December 27, 2011; however, we were informed that up to this day, she  
is still confined and must remain under observation for two to three  
more weeks.  She still needs to learn how to swallow blender-processed  

She is a single mother to two teenagers, and her hospital bills are  
skyrocketing to an amount untenable for her family.   Her hospital  
bills alone have already reached over half a million pesos, and she  
will still need long-term medical care and rehabilitation.

Perhaps, for Rackie, this is a time when she needs the utmost support  
from her family, friends and the community she proudly claims she  
belongs to - the Ateneo community.

For us, this is a time to show once more that the unfaltering support  
and unity of the Ateneo community is always available to those who are  
in dire need of it.   Hence, we are calling on all members of our  
community to take part in the White Elephant Sale the Central  
Administration employees are organizing.  The White Elephant Sale for  
the benefit of Ms. Rackie Villa will be held on January 13 and 14 at  
the Brick Road (between MVP Building and De La Costa Hall), in line  
with this year's A-Fair.  We take this opportunity to thank the  
organizers of the Loyola School's A-Fair for waiving registration fees  
and allocating a booth for us for free.

For this event to be successful and significantly beneficial for  
Rackie, your participation is highly requested.  We would like to ask  
for donations for the white elephant sale.  We are particularly asking  
for donations in kind that we can sell such as new/unused accessories,  
apparel, books, household items, kitchen utensils, appliances and all  
other items that are still in good condition which you can spare.  You  
may drop your donations at the Human Resources Management Office, 2nd  
floor, Xavier Hall, and look for Mr. Tomas L. Testa IV (local 4155).

Due to handling concerns and the strict food and beverage regulations  
of Loyola Schools, we discourage the donation of perishable items.

You may also help by buying the donated items being sold in our booth  
at the fair.

Cash donations will also be accepted at the booth or you may also opt  
to deposit in the savings account opened for her.   The account is  
under the name of Tomas L. Testa IV (HRMO) and Jose Felix D. Falgui  
(AHS Faculty - teacher of her son), at BPI-Katipunan 003083-7083-35.    
All the amounts credited to this account are currently being used, and  
will be used, to pay for Rackie's hospital bills and long-term health  

In addition to the material support we can give Rackie, we can donate  
our time.  Should you  be interested to volunteer in this fund raising  
event to help out in any way, you may look for Mr. Isagani M. Dionela  
at the Human Resources Management Office or reach him at local 4158.

Through your help and the grace of the Almighty, we pray for the  
speedy and healthy recovery of Rackie and for the success of this  
fund-raising event.   We call on everyone to include Rackie in their  
prayers and Mass offerings.

Thank you very much."

For all the employees helping out, thank you too.

HRMO - Care, Service and Solutions @ WORK!


Human Resources Management Office
Ateneo de Manila University
Tel/Fax No
+623 4261245
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