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                        co-sponsored by
     Dr. Oscar Campomanes and The Center for Art and Thought


       The Center for Art and Thought: A Conversation with
            Angel Velasco Shaw and Sarita Echavez See

                     11 January 2012, Wednesday
                           4:30-6:30 p.m.
                  English Department Faculty Lounge
                        G/F de la Costa Hall

The Center for Art and Thought (CAT) is a non-profit  
Philippine-centric organization that mostly will be contained on a  
website and that also will have real world, site-specific programming  
and projects. In addition to the website, we intend to eventually  
establish a physical space based in northern California.

CAT's mission is to promote and sustain a variety of creative and  
intellectual exchanges between and amongst artists, scholars, and  
other cultural practitioners in the Philippines, the United States,  
and elsewhere in the diaspora. The contributors and users of the  
website/Center need not be of Filipino descent, but they must be  
engaged and/or interested in Philippine-centric social and cultural  
issues, and cultural exchange and production.
Several aspects of the vision and structure for the Center are  
influenced by the
co-founders' work such as: Angel Velasco Shaw's recent project "Trade  
Routes: Converging Cultures' Southeast Asia and Asian America" and the  
"Vestiges of War" programming and book; and Sarita Echavez See?s  
ongoing scholarly research, which focuses on the postcolonial  
condition and acts of decolonization, including her recent book The  
Decolonized Eye: Filipino American Arts and Performance (University of  
Minnesota Press).

By building CAT, we the co-founders intend to create and sustain a  
site for alternative forms of learning, creativity, dissemination of  
knowledge and critical thinking. We look forward to engaging in a  
preliminary, informal dialogue with practitioners of the arts,  
cultural production, and scholarship so that we can learn how best the  
Center can address and serve the needs of these intersecting  

About the Speaker:

Angel Velasco Shaw is a Filipina-American filmmaker and co-editor of  
the volume, Vestiges of War (New York University Press, 2002).

Sarita Echavez See is associate professor of English and Ethnic  
Studies at the University of California Davis and is the author of the  
volume, The Decolonized Eye: Filipino American Arts and Performance  
(University of Minnesota Press, 2010).

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