[Blueboard] Invitation to Lectures on Chinese and Philippine environmental history

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Thu Jan 5 21:36:50 PHT 2012

The Confucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila University and the Chinese  
Studies Program, with the support of the Department of History,  
Philippine Studies, and the Environmental Science Department, have  
invited Prof. Bao Maohong, a prominent environmental historian from  
China but also a historian of the Philippines, to give four lectures  
between January 9-19.
January 9 Environmental History of China (430-600 Faura AVR)
January 12 Environmental History of China in Global and Regional  
Perspective (430-600 Faura AVR)
January 16 The State of Philippine History in China (430-600 Faura AVR)
January 19 The History of Deforestation in the Philippines (430-600 LH 206)

We invite you to attend these lectures. Please RSVP to the Chinese  
Studies Program.

Below is a short CV of Prof. Bao.

Prof. Dr. Maohong Bao

Bao Maohong is a senior research associate of the Centre for World  
Environmental History at the University of Sussex. At his home  
institution, the Peking University in China he is associate professor  
of environmental history and Asia-Pacific studies. From July-December  
2011, he was a fellow at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and  
Society at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. He is a  
pioneer in developing the discipline of environmental history in  
China. He is also the author of several studies on the environmental  
of the Philippines, particularly deforestation. His research is now  
focusing on the relationship of environment and development in East  
Asia, especially in China. He is currently a visiting professor at the  
Confucius Institute, Ateneo de Manila University.

Current research project: Learning from Dazhai in Agriculture: The
Transformation of Landscapes in China

Selected Publications:
Forest and Development: Deforestation in the Philippines (1946-1995),
China's Environmental Science Press, January 2008.
"Environmental history and new thinking in historical study: An
interview with Prof. Bao Maohong", Journal of Capital Normal
University, No.5, 2007.
"Environmental problems and environmental policy in China", The Journal
of Chinese Studies (Pusan National University), Vol.3, 2007.
"The latest research of environmental history in China", The Journal of
Chinese Studies (Pusan National University), Vol.3, 2007.
"Exchange of environmental culture and its construction in Northeast
Asia", Collected Writings of Asia-Pacific Studies, Vol.4, 2007.

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