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Dear fellow booklovers,

As the Year of the Faith opens, fifty years after Vatican II,  the Ateneo
Press is happy to announce the publication of UNLOCKING THE CHURCH'S BEST
KEPT SECRET  by Aloysius Lopez Cartagenas. Using the methods of biblical
scholarship and recent approaches in the philosophical and social sciences,
the author has come up with a critical reflection on the Catholic Church's
social teaching, hitherto "surrounded by  the aura of infallibility and its
formulation shrouded in secrecy" as described by theologian Lode Wostyn.

As its subtitle "Principles for the Interpretation, Communication, and
Praxis of Catholic Social Teaching" emphasizes, the book presents and
discusses a set of principles through which we can study more deeply this
body of teachings emanating from church authorities. The book helps us
understand how papal encyclicals are prepared, how they are to be
interpreted, how they are communicated to the faithful, and how they
reflect or ignore the political and social realities confronted daily by
the people that the encyclicals were meant to address.

ALOYSIUS CARTAGENAS studied philosophy at the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Seminary in Bohol, and took his theology at the Loyola School of
Theology/San Jose Seminary and at the Catholic University of Leuven,
finishing his PhD in moral theology there in 1996. He has taught at various
seminaries in the country and was rector of the San Carlos Major Seminary
and Graduate School of Theology in Cebu. He is co-editor of *Transformative
Theological Ethics in East Asian Contexts*, and serves on the editorial
board of *Asian Horizons*. He is a member of the International Association
for Catholic Social Thought, the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World
Church, and the DAKATEO, the Catholic Theological Society of the

UNLOCKING THE CHURCH'S BEST KEPT SECRET is part of the Christmas booksale
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titles at less 10 to 50 percent. An additional five percent will be taken
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So, "do give books--religious or otherwise--for Christmas. They're never
fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal" (Lenore Hershey).

Thank you!

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the Interpretation, Communication, and Praxis of Catholic Social Teaching
by Aloysius Lopez Cartagenas

Good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one.
                                                  --Augustine Birrell
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