[Blueboard] FW: IPC-VRA lecture on Gender Challenge: Economic Resilience in Coastal Community Households

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Tue Dec 4 09:07:38 PHT 2012

The Institute of Philippine Culture, School of Social Sciences

cordially invites you to a lecture and photo essay on

Gender Challenge: Economic Resilience in Coastal Community Households


Ms. Kuntum Melati
IPC Visiting Research Associate
Asian Public Intellectual Fellow

13 December 2012 (Thursday)
4:30 to 6:00 pm
IPC Conference Room
Rm 203, Frank Lynch Hall
Social Development Complex


Shifting economic activities from relatively small-scaled businesses into
commercial and industrialized businesses contribute towards changing roles
in household units. Forced transformation from a previously diverse region
into a big scale monoculture would risk the environment and community
socially, environmentally, and economically. Women, the poorest and
vulnerable groups in the coastal areas suffer the most.
Shifting economic activities have a different meaning for men as it is for
women. Men change their income generating activities as an adaptive way to
cope with the economic crises or environmental degradation. Women, on the
contrary, change their economic activities as a sign of vulnerability. Since
most women do not have the skills to catch deep-sea fish (and may also be
restricted from such activities by their culture), the decline of mangrove
forests strike them the most. Moreover, big scale monoculture industry can
only be accessed by men, thus traditional men's household tasks are given to
women. It is also still questionable whether women have the access and power
in contributing to the family income after commercializing aquaculture.
This economic force has increased women's work burden and limits their
decision making power in the household.
The project documents and advocate the everyday challenges that faced by
women in coastal areas.  It captures various livelihood and chores that
women do yet unfortunately still being neglected by the policy makers. It
defends that a gender mainstreaming and shift to a pro poor economy is
evidently needed to end the subordination of women.

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