[Blueboard] Ignatian Festival - Thank you

Rona Valenzuela mvalenzuela at ateneo.edu
Thu Aug 30 09:36:29 PHT 2012

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28 August 2012


Memo to:        The University Community


Subject:           Ignatian Festival - Thank you



This memo had to be placed on the back burner because of other concerns. But
despite other matters that press upon us, one should never forget to be
grateful for gifts we have received.  The Ignatian Festival, held last 21
July 2012, was one such grace. Rain or shine, we gathered that day to
remember and rediscover our mission and identity, our destiny.  


These are propitious times to reflect on our identity and mission as a
Catholic university and Jesuit apostolic enterprise.  In our reflection, we
can explore how we (as educators, students, staff, alumni, and parents of
the Ateneo de Manila) may always be of greater service to the Church, the
People of God.  Discerning and carrying out the magis, that greater service
borne out of love of Christ and neighbor, is what marks us as Ateneans, as
"kadiwa ni Ignacio."


By all means, let us continue this tradition of the Ignatian Festival to
celebrate all that we have received.  As I posted on fb on 21 July 2012, "we
felt close to God that day, through the spirit of Ignatius Loyola. It was
heartening to feel that way, sharing closeness to God with several hundred
people. At the end of the concert, we stood up to sing the Salve Regina."
We sang and prayed at the Gesu, with choirs from the Grade School, High
School, the Glee Club, and with alumni from the Ateneo Chamber Singers.  We
came together as a community to rekindle our desire to belong and to be of
service to others.


To thank all those who made this possible would not fit this one page memo.
On behalf of our beloved alma mater, I would just like to say thank you to
all of you for the grace of your generosity and kindness and concern.


May our love of Christ be enough for us.


Kay sarap maging Atenista,



Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ



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