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Jayeel Serrano Cornelio jcornelio at ateneo.edu
Thu Aug 2 18:06:29 PHT 2012

> This is a CFP for Issue 60 of Revista Innovacion Educativa (based at
> the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico) of which I serve as member
> of the editorial board.  I hope some of us can contribute to this
> established journal.
> Thank you very much.
> Jayeel Cornelio, PhD
> Development Studies Program / Department of Sociology and Anthropology
> ________________________________________________
> The Editorial Coordination of National Polytechnic Institute   
> (Instituto Politécnico Nacional) calls researchers, docents,   
> post-graduate students, and the academic community in general to   
> collaborate with unpublished research articles, in Spanish or in   
> English, as part of the thematic section, the Aleph, Issue 60, of   
> the Journal of Educational Innovation, (Revista Innovación Educativa  
>  ISSN: 1665-2673) which will focus on:
> ?Youth studies, critical thinking and generational consciousness?
> Nowadays this is a theme that affects not only educational spaces but
> also social dynamics. It is also a call to the academic community
> focused on educational research to rethink like students and understand
> young generations and about how today?s educational policy and reforms
> promote attention and solutions to the world?s youth. A central
> question that guides us in this section is the following: how can
> today?s youth perceive themselves and by doing it, how can they
> construct their own generation in the midst of constant social,
> cultural, economic, educational, existential, and axiological tensions?
> Youth studies, its relation to promoting critical thinking and the
> construction of a generational consciousness, hopes to contribute to an
> area deserving more attention, extremely relevant in educational
> research. In this way, these reflections should be directed towards
> orienting educational policy in a setting of social transformation. We
> are considering, though not exclusively, the following related subjects:
> a) Argumentation and citizenship in youth: Ethics and values for a
> project of generational awareness in educational spaces.
> b) Sociological approaches to studies of generational awareness.
> c) Reflections on non-violence in contexts of violence: The current
> relevance of Gandhi in youth studies.
> d) Ontological approaches to youth studies: Critical thinking, culture
> of equality, and training in the culture of non-violence.
> e) Youth culture and spaces of scholastic interaction.
> f) The development of creative imagination in education and the
> training of young citizens.
> Receipt deadline for issue 60, thematic section the Aleph: October 19, 2012
> The Journal Educational Innovation (Revista Innovación Educativa)   
> will receive contributions in Spanish or English all year for the   
> sections: Innovus (research articles, critical studies), A dos   
> tintas (discussions), and Ex-libris (critical reviews). Originality,  
>  intelligent argumentation, and rigor are expected characteristics  
> of  the contributions. The authors can consult the established   
> guidelines for contributing articles at: www.innovacion.ipn.mx or   
> can contact the Editor coord.ed.rie at gmail.com
> All articles, editorial correspondence, and books to be summarized   
> should be sent to innova at ipn.mx or coord.ed.rie at gmail.com or to   
> Coordinación Editorial, Secretaría Académica IPN, 1er piso, Unidad   
> Professional ?Adolfo López Mateos,? Av. Luis Enrique Erro s/n,   
> Zacatenco, C.P. 07738, Gustavo A. Madero, D.F., México, Tel.   
> 57296000, exts. 50459 and 50459.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Jayeel Serrano Cornelio, PhD
> Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity
> Göttingen, Germany
> Development Studies Program / Department of Sociology and Anthropology
> Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
> http://mmg-mpg.academia.edu/JayeelCornelio/About

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