[Blueboard] Loyola Campus Network Outage, October 29

Patrick J. Medina pmedina at ateneo.edu
Thu Nov 3 23:56:15 PHT 2011

Sometime before midnight last October 28, the Faura Hall security  
guard opened the circuit breaker to CNG's server room, foolishly  
thinking that the air conditioners had been inadvertently left on.   
This caused all the equipment to shut down when the server room UPS  
batteries ran out.

Network services were only gradually restored October 29 due to the  
coincidence of unexpected behavior in some servers after power was  
restored, and the staff having urgent family matters to attend to.

CNG is currently doing a network assessment and already has plans to  
further improve the reliability and fault tolerance of the core Loyola  

We apologize for the severe inconvenience the outage had caused.

Patrick J. Medina
Network Manager
Campus Network Group
Ateneo de Manila University

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