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Team Democracy, Ateneo School of Government

Team Democracy

Team Democracy of Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) handles two  
programs of ASoG that aim to contribute in the deepening of democracy  
and the transformation of politics in the country through  
strengthening of democratic institutions, namely: Government Watch  
(G-Watch) and Political Democracy and Reform (PODER). G-Watch is the  
pioneering social accountability program of ASoG that aims to  
contribute in the strengthening of the bureaucracy through systems  
improvement and enhancement of transparency and accountability  
facilitated by citizen-government engagement. PODER is the  
institutional development and reform program of the School that  
engages in action research and advocacy to strengthen and reform three  
key political institutions, namely: the Constitution, the electoral  
system and the political party system.


Field Researchers (Output-based), 3 positions available


Urgent, to be on board immediately


1 June 2011 to 15 August 2011

Scope of Work

In general, the Field Researcher shall take charge in the conduct of  
fieldwork/ data gathering activities in selected cities. The data to  
be gathered shall be used for quantitative and case study analysis, to  
expound the research on education services. The fieldwork shall be  
based on a work plan, which is to be developed by the Field Researcher  
in coordination with and supervision of the Research Team.

In particular, the Field Researcher shall have the following functions  
and responsibilities:

·         Attend relevant team meetings such as, but not limited to,  
workshops and planning;
·         Gather official documents and report on the assigned  
cities/school sites and process relevant data;
·         Coordinate with the stakeholders in the cities/schools to be  
visited and set the visit;
·         Prepare the logistical requirements of visit including  
travel and lodging arrangement) with the assistance of the assigned  
officer from Team Democracy;
·         Report regularly on the progress of the field visit;
·         Ensure that all the data needed are gathered and that  
communication remains open for any data gaps;
·         Ensure that data gaps are addressed;
·         Attend team processing workshop/s to present fieldwork  
results and preliminary data-processing;
·         Draft reports and make necessary revisions according to the  
comments from Team Democracy; and
·         Provide inputs and be available for any questions and  
clarifications as well as possible workshops for the preparation of  
the consolidated report.


Applicants for the position must have the following qualifications:

·         Has a B.A. degree in economics, political science,  
sociology, psychology or any related social science courses;

·         Has received high marks in research-related subjects and has  
accomplished a major research paper/output, (preferably in  
quantitative research studies);

·         Demonstrates strong competency in writing and communication;

·         Can easily interact, network and coordinate with people and  
political personalities coming from various political persuasions;

·         With excellent presentation skills and above-average  
analytical skills;

·         Ability to work supportively in a small team;

·         Enjoys working in a dynamic and fun environment and is able  
to respond swiftly to changing organizational and team needs;

·         A work experience with similar job description is a plus,  
but not a requirement;?

·         Strong interest in politics and governance and strong  
passion for democratic ideals is a plus.

Interested applicants must submit an application letter via email  
(political_democracy at yahoo.com) addressed to:

Antonio La Viña
Dean, Ateneo School of Government

Attention: Joy Aceron
Director, Team Democracy (G-Watch/ PODER)

For more inquires, contact:

Team Democracy
Ateneo School of Government
Rm. 104 Center for Social Policy Building
Social Development Complex
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola, Quezon City
(02) 9202920
Attention: Glenford Leonillo/Rafaela David

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