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June 13, 2011


To: Subconcessionaires


From: AMPC Management


Re: Memo on Violations on Food Offerings



In a meeting last June 11, 2011, the Subconcessionaires (Subcon) Committee of the AMPC has decided to impose the following penalties for violations on the quality and quantity of food being offered per serving. Violations of this nature are defined by, but not limited to, the following offenses: 


·         Changing menu offerings without prior approval from the Subcon Committee

·         Serving less than the quantity supposed to be served (as committed during the food-tasting process i.e. serving only 50g when what was committed was 65g)

·         Changing the ingredients of menu offerings to cut costs (e.g. putting much more breading than food served during food-tasting process)

·         Other forms of cheating customers (e.g. using 10oz cup for 12oz drink)


Penalties for the offense are as follows:

1st Offense: Written Memo

2nd Offense: Written Public Reprimand + Php500 fine

3rd Offense: Written Public Reprimand + Php1000 fine

4th Offense: Written Public Reprimand with Warning of Blacklisting + Php2000 fine

5th Offense: Automatic Expulsion from the AMPC and Blacklisting of the Owner from any Subsequent Business Dealings with AMPC


The counting of offenses will be on a per-complaint per day basis (i.e. one complaint per day per Subcon) and the count shall be renewed every school year (defined as June to May). Every complaint shall be investigated by AMPC Management and Subcon owners will be given a venue to explain their side.


The decision of the Subcon committee on all complaints is final.


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