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June 13, 2011


To: Subconcessionaires


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Re: New Menu Offerings



The Subconcessionaires (Subcon) Committee is encouraging Subconcessionaires to come up with new menu offerings to offer to the Ateneo community. These new menu offerings can be seasonal (i.e. for a limited time period only) or these can be used to replace slow moving menu items. However, all proposals for changing of menu need prior approval from the Subcon Committee.


These are the steps in proposing menu changes:                                                     

  1.. Write a letter addressed to the Subcon Committee indicating the intent to change the menu. This letter should include description of the new item, price and serving weight. Please indicate the existing food item that this new item will be replacing.
  2.. The Subcon Committee will decide whether the proposed change is acceptable or not. Criteria for this initial approval will include reasonability of price offerings and duplication of menu entries of other subconcessionaires.
  3.. If the proposed change is disapproved, a letter of notification will be sent to the subconcessionaire. If the proposed change is initially approved, food-tasting shall be scheduled.
  4.. The food-tasting process results will then be the basis of final approval of the proposed menu change.

Should there be other concerns, please do not hesitate to coordinate with the Subcon Committee through the AMPC Subcon Coordinator.



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