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This week in Ateneo Physics News:


After a destructive typhoon, often there appears in print something  
like this.  ?Predictions of typhoons were better done by MO.?  This is  
an unfair and thoughtless comparison.  The Philippines for which MO  
(Manila Observatory) predicted typhoons is different from the  
Philippines for which PAGASA (Weather Bureau) predicts....


Let me welcome everyone to this new school year. I am glad to be back.  
I came from Mindanao. But now that this is my new mission, I look  
forward to serving you, to serving this nation through the Ateneo. I?d  
like to welcome our new students, especially our freshmen. I go with  
you in needing to be familiarized again with the Ateneo....


The Master of Science in Atmospheric Science (MS AS) curriculum is  
founded on the classical graduate curriculum for Meteorology but  
allows for flexibility in accommodating the gamut of topics and fields  
that are beyond the scope of classical Meteorology but within the  
broader vista of atmospheric research (e.g. atmospheric chemistry,  
computational science and modeling, etc.).  Proceeding from the  
classical foundational Meteorology courses, the student may tackle  
current atmospheric research problems from the general vantage point  
of either measurements (instrumentation and monitoring) and/or  
modeling (computer analysis). The MS AS program will require a  
Masteral Thesis which may be based on topics of particular importance  
to the student?s line of work and/or topics the graduate faculty are  
actively engaged in. The curriculum also allows for balancing or  
bridging courses intended for potential students with little or no  
background in Atmospheric Science (science, math & engineering majors).


When Fr. Jose Villarin, or Fr. Jett, was a student in second year  
college, Fr. Nebres, the college dean, began recruiting him. He would  
take him to Antipolo to drink and discuss being a Jesuit,
Years later, before his final vows, he went for Physics studies at  
Marquette University in Wisconsin, known for its strength in science.
Fr. Ben was the Provincial although Fr. Jett wanted to stay in Manila  
and take part in protests alongside his classmates, Fr. Ben gave him a  
physics book and said, ?Go to Marquette University and study.? ....


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