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Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

* *

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*The **Center For Ignatian Spirituality (Phil) **invites you to encounter
God in your everyday life *

The Retreat in Daily Life is for men and women who desire an intense
encounter with the Lord in their daily routine.

Those who have gone through the Retreat in Daily Life have these to say:

“Inspiring & revealing – It’s entirely a new experience each time I
encounter Jesus – a revelation of myself as person totally in need of His
constant guidance – how much I need Him in my life – and a revelation of how
present He is in all that I do.”

“My RDL experience has been beneficial for helping me discern what God wants
me to do in my life.  At this point, my life’s question is not anymore what
I want to get from the world, but how much I’ve served the world in the way
God wants me to.”

“The RDL experience is enriching in that it has “opened me up” and allowed
me to look into my interior – what’s going on in my life; why I am asking in
a certain way, etc.  It has also pruned me to open up to God-o to reach out
to Him, to answer His call.”

“My RDL experience is very fulfilling so far.  Because of RDL I can say that
I have improved with my dealings with other people & with myself as well.”

“The RDL is the most amazing experience I have had so far.  It is filled
with so much grace, love and compassion from our Lord.  Here, I am
discovering how gentle and loving Jesus truly is.  The experience is very
personal and moving.  Most importantly, I am getting to know Jesus more and
more and I am surely being healed of all that needs to be healed in my

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life

Undergoing the *Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola* can be a most
profound and transforming spiritual experience.  It is a time for intimate
contact between God and the person making the Exercises.

For persons who cannot take time off to devote thirty days to do the
retreat, St. Ignatius offered the Spiritual Exercises in daily life.  The
retreatants do not leave their homes and places of work.  They keep their
regular schedules but commit themselves to a daily prayer period of 30
minutes to one hour and meet weekly with their retreat guide.

The *Retreat in Daily Life for Beginners* is an adaptation of the Spiritual
Exercises and is most suitable for those who are starting in their spiritual
journey, or those who want to attend to their spiritual thirst or hunger.  The
Retreat  Daily Life for Beginners runs for 14 weeks.

The *Spiritual Exercises* *in Daily Life* is for those who experience a
compelling desire to know, love and to pattern their life after Christ.  The
Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life runs for 35 weeks.

Who may apply to the Retreat in Daily Life?

Applicants are those who are…

1)       able to make a firm commitment to the retreat

2)       able to allocate time for *formal prayer* of 30 minutes to 1 hour
each day

3)       willing to pray the suggested prayer materials of the retreat

4)       willing to reflect on and journal their prayer experiences and to
share the fruits of their prayer with the retreat guide

5)       willing to be guided by a competent lay retreat guide

*Program Cost:    Php  4,550.00 (RDL for Beginners, 14 weeks)*

*                           Php  9,000.00 (Spiritual Exercises RDL, 35

·         Program cost covers retreat materials, stipends for retreat
guides, as well as expenses for the prayer workshops and recollections.

-          30% non-refundable deposit upon acceptance to confirm
participation in the program.  Deadline for payment:  *August 15, 2011*

-          40% payable at the *Launch of Retreat in Daily Life on* *September
4, 2011*

-          Remaining balance 30% payable on or before the *Prayer Workshop
on* *October 2, 2011 *

·         Deadline for registration:  *August 8, 2011*

·         Pre-retreat interviews will be scheduled after submission of
application forms.

·         *Advent Recollection:*  *November 27, 2011 *

·         *Lenten Recollection:*  *March 11, 2012 *


*Requests for scholarships may be considered by the Acting Executive

***Applicants for scholarship must submit a letter of request addressed to:*

*Fr. Silvino L. Borres, Jr., S.J.*

*Acting Executive Director, CIS Phil.*

* *

For Reservation and Inquiries:

*Center for Ignatian Spirituality (Phil)*

Spiritual Pastoral Center, Seminary Road

Ateneo de Manila University Campus

Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City

Telephone Numbers:  426-4250 to 51

Fax: 426-4250 or email: cisphil at gmail.com

N.B.  For those who plan to earn credits for the MA degree course in
Spirituality and Retreat Directing, the retreat in daily life fulfills the
prerequisite for the course Theo 282.2 Fundamentals of Directed Retreat
Giving conducted by CIS in partnership with Loyola School of Theology.

*CIS Phil also offers:*

*Group and Individually Guided Retreats and Spiritual Direction*

* *

Come away to rest, pray and experience renewal in a group or individually
guided retreat.  Retreats are available on specified schedules throughout
the year.  Weekend, 3-day, 5-day, 8-day, 30-day, retreat for lay,
seminarians, religious and priests are available upon request with one month
notice before the activity.  You may also come for  spiritual direction
monthly.  *For more information please contact CIS Phil at 426-4250/51.*

* *


* *

Please complete this form and mail or fax to:  Center for Ignatian
Spirituality  Phil)

*.* Spiritual Pastoral Center, Seminary Road   *.* Ateneo de Manila
University Campus

*.* Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City       Fax: 426-4250      *. *E-mail:
cisphil at gmail.com

* *

______  *YES* I have read and understood requirements of the RDL program.

I want to apply for:

          RDL for Beginners  _____        Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

*Full Name: _____________________________________________________*

*Nick name: ___________________   Birthdate:  M/        /D/        /Y/

*Sex:** ______  Religion: __________   Occupation: _____________________*

*Home Address: _________________________________________________


*Office Address: _________________________________________________*

*Position/Rank: __________________________________________________

*E-mail Address: _________________________________________________*

*Land phone: __________________  Mobile: __________________________*

*If member of religious order or lay community, what congregation do you
belong to? _____________________________________________________*

*No. of years in the congregation or community: _______________________*

*If lay, are you single or married? _______________ No. of children:_______*

*Have you attended any retreats in the past?     Yes ______         No

*When? ____________________________  How long? __________________

*Name of retreat director/directress: _________________________________*

*Have you received any spiritual direction in the past? Yes _____   No _____

*With whom? _______________________  How long  ___________________*

*Reason/s for participating in the RDL program: ________________________*


*Are you currently under the care of a physician/counselor/therapist?_______

*(If yes, please explain briefly)

*Are you taking any medications? _______________ (If yes, please list which
and what they are use to treat) _____________________________________*


* *

*Please submit this form and set an appointment for the pre-retreat
interview. Upon acceptance into the program, please confirm your
participation by paying a 30% non-refundable registration fee. (Make checks
payable to Center for Ignatian Spirituality.)*

* *
You may also deposit to:

*Acct No. 3081-1105-56  BPI Loyola Katipunan*

*Acct Name: Center for Ignatian Spirituality*

*And fax the deposit slip to Telefax no: 426-4250 *

*and indicate name and purpose of deposit.*

* *

We presume on the part of all applicants a willingness to be guided by a *lay
retreat guide*.  Thank you for your interest in the program.  *For more
information please contact CIS Phil at *426-4250/51.

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