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STUDY Circle on Ignatian Retreat Giving and Spiritual Direction in a
Community and Institutional Context

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*The **Center For Ignatian Spirituality (Phil) **invites those who wish to
acquire a basic orientation to the ministry of spiritual direction and
retreat giving in the Ignatian tradition.*

The Study Circle on Ignatian Spiritual Direction and Retreat Giving is meant
to address the needs of those who want to become acquainted with the nature
and dynamics of spiritual direction and retreat giving in the Ignatian
tradition.  Also included in the program are psycho-spiritual human
development models and a workshop on basic helper skills.

For three or more Saturdays each month beginning in August, CIS Phil holds
sessions for input and reflection on topics pertinent to Ignatian
spirituality, prayer and spiritual direction.  Participants are also
assisted in their practice of retreat-giving and spiritual direction through
practicum sessions.  The study circle program is the equivalent of Module 2
of Guides Formation.

Interested participants must have had an experience of an individually
guided retreat (at least 8 days).  If not, he/she must agree to go through
an 8 day retreat during the first month of the program on any of the given
schedules provided by CIS.

Program Cost:       P 10,600.00 (Program cost covers materials, venue
rentals and facilitators’ fees).

The topics and schedule for the year 2011 are as follows:
             DATE                                              TOPICS

  Aug 6      .    The Life of St. Ignatius

                         .     The Spiritual Exercises (An Overview)

      Aug 13      .     Orientation to Christian Prayer

                         .     Sacred Space and Time

      Aug 27      .     Religious Experience & Foundations of Prayer

                         .     Review of Ignatian Prayer

 Sep 3         .     Introduction to Spiritual Direction:  Nature, Forms,
and Distinguishing Spiritual

                           Direction and Counseling

           .     Ignatius on Spiritual Direction / Annotation 15: Fostering
a Contemplative


 Sep 10      .     Understanding the Directee: Stages of Development

     Sep 17      .     Blocks and Resistances to Prayer & Spiritual Life

       .     Scriptures in the Context of Retreats and Prayer Programs

           .     Retreat Framework

     Sep 24      .     Discernment of Spirits

                 .     Case Studies: Discernment of Spirits

      Oct 1        .     Basic Helper Skills: Input

           .    Basic Helper Skills: Case Studies

       Oct 8        .     Basic Helper Skills: Practicum

      Oct 15      .     Ethical Issues in Spiritual Direction

          .     Supervision

     Oct 22       .     Scriptures in Retreat Programs

           .     Designing Prayer Points

           .     Workshop on Prayer Points

      Oct 29       .     Presentation and Critique of Prayer Points

           .     Retreat Framework

-  Upon acceptance into the program, please confirm your participation by
paying 30% non-refundable registration fee.

-    *Full Payment upon the first session,** **August 6, 2011.*

Deadline of Application*:  July 16, 2011*

Interviews will be scheduled after submission of application forms.

The program cost should not deter anyone from participating. Arrangements
can be made regarding partial scholarships for deserving individuals.


Applicants for scholarship must submit a letter of request addressed to:

Fr. Silvino L. Borres, Jr., S.J.

Acting Executive Director, CIS Phil.

*Degree Course in Spirituality and Retreat Giving*

Those who wish to earn MA credits from the CIS modular courses may apply for
admission to the MA program in Spirituality and Retreat Directing in Loyola
School of Theology (LST), Ateneo de Manila University.  Applicants for the
MA program must have a college degree with at least 12 units of
undergraduate theology.  They must pass the graduate entrance examination
administered by the Ateneo Center for Education and Psychological Assessment
(ACESS).  Once accepted into the program, he or she may now register the
modular courses for MA credit at LST.

* *

* *

*For more information, visit the LST website: http://www.lst.edu or call:*

* *

*Loyola School of Theology*

Ateneo de Manila University Campus

Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City

Mail: P.O. Box 240, U.P. Post Office, 1144 Quezon City

Telephone: 426-6430 to 35  *.* Fax: 426-5967

*Program Requirements:*

1.   Personal Essay (1-2 pages typed and double-spaced) to include the

   - A description of your spiritual growth or the development of your
   relationship with God.
   - Your reasons for wanting to train as a spiritual director/retreat
   - Programs or process, if any, you have undergone in the past three years
   that have fostered self-awareness and self-understanding.

2.   Interview with a CIS staff.

3.   Experience of an 8-day individually guided retreat, or the
19thAnnotation of the Spiritual Exercises, or the Ignatian 30-day

Center for Ignatian Spirituality, Philippines

Spiritual Pastoral Center, Seminary Road

Ateneo de Manila University Campus

Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City

Telephone: 426-4250 to 51   Fax: 426-4250

www.cisphil.org  Email: cisphil at gmail.com

*R E S E R V A T I O N  F O R M*

Please complete this form and mail or fax to:


Fax: 426-4250   E-mail: cisphil at gmail.com

* *

* *

______  *I want to apply for the Study Circle program.*

Full Name: ___________________________________________________

Nickname: ______________________  Birthdate: M/      /D/      /Y/

Gender: _______  Religion: ____________ Nationality: ______________

Occupation: _________________________

Home address: ________________________________________________


Office name and address: _______________________________________


Position/Rank: ________________________________________________

E-mail address: _______________________________________________

Land phone: ____________________  Mobile: ______________________

If member of religious order or lay community, what congregation or lay

community do you belong to? ____________________________________


No. of years in the congregation / community: _____________________

If lay, single or married? _____________  No. of children: ____________

Have you made any retreats in the past?      Yes ______         No ______

Group ___  Individual ___ When? _____________ How long? __________

If yes, with whom? _____________________________________________

Are you currently under the care of a physician/counselor/therapist?

Yes ___  No ___  (If yes, please explain briefly) _____________________



Are you taking any medications?         Yes ______         No ______

(If yes, please list which and their corresponding purpose.) ___________



Name of person to notify in case of emergency:


Address: _____________________________________________________


Contact No/s. _________________________________________________

Please complete this form and mail or fax to CIS (Phil) together with your

essay (Please see Program Requirements No. 1; and for CIS Address/fax
number). You

will be notified of your acceptance into the program as soon as the
pertinent forms

areprocessed. Upon acceptance, into the program, please confirm your

by therequired non-refundable deposit. (Make checks payable to Center for

  You may also deposit to:

Acct No. 3081-1105-56  BPI Loyola Katipunan

Acct Name: Center for Ignatian Spirituality

And fax deposit slip to *Tel/Fax no: 426-4250* indicating your name and
purpose of deposit

* *

*For more information, please contact CIS Phil at Tel. Nos. 426-4250/51 or *

*visit our website: www.cisphil.org*
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