[Blueboard] EDSA 1 in the Public Minds of Filipino Civilian and Military Groups

Ma. Elizabeth J. Macapagal mmacapagal at ateneo.edu
Thu Feb 24 12:08:31 PHT 2011

EDSA 1 in the Public Minds of Filipino Civilian and Military Groups: A  
Social Representations Approach to History by Cristina Jayme Montiel,  
published by the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC), discusses the  
different stories of EDSA in the public minds of civilians and  
military personnel. Using a social
representations approach to history, the author surveyed 200
individuals from graduating classes 1986 and 2006, from both Ateneo de
Manila University and the Philippine Military Academy.  Results
indicate two different and even opposing - EDSA narratives in the
collective minds of individuals belonging to the civilian and military
sectors.  Findings are discussed in the light of how groups may
represent their institutional histories of democratic shift in order
to uplift their political positions during the unstable period of
transition after the fall of an authoritarian regime.

The book is available at the LS bookstore and IPC (Rm. 213, Frank
Lynch Hall, Social Development Complex). For details, please call  
local 4651 or e-mail ipc at admu.edu.ph.

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