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                         The School of Humanities
                            invites you to an

                      Wednesday, 16th February, 2011
                              4.30 to 6.00 PM
                               Escaler Hall

Through the courtesy of the Public Relations Office of the Cultural  
Section of the Embassy of Iran in the Philippines, this concert is one  
of the events organized in conjunction with the celebration of the  
32nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

This live musical performance will present three musicians (Seyed Ali  
Akbar Basirat Avaz, Seyed Mahdi Basirat Santor, and Hassan Jalali  
Tarwho.  They will showcase cadence and rhythm using 3 traditional  
Persian musical instruments:

1.  The TOMBAK:  a small one-faced drum whose upper half is wider than  
the lower. Carved of a single block of wood, its body is hollow,open  
at the lower end covered with a sheepskin membrane at the upper. To  
prepare the drum head for playing, musicians warm it over a stove or  
an electric heater.

2.  The TAR:  a double-bellied stringed instrument whose body is made  
of mulberry wood carved in two sections, cutting the body in half from  
front to back. The long neck is glued to the body. A standard tar is  
95cm to 105, in length 25 to 30 cm, across the widest part and 20 cm.  
deep with a 60cm neck.

3.  The SANTUR:  belonging to the category of zithers. this stringed  
instrument has no neck or yoke, whose strings are usually open, not  
stopped and whose resonating body can be a board box, stick or tube.

                               All welcome.
                            Admission is free.
              Refreshments courtesy of the Embassy of Iran.

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