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Sat Apr 30 08:34:42 PHT 2011

The University Communication and Public Relations Office, in  
partnership with Design Systemat, are spearheading the University  
Branding and Corporate Identity Manual Project aimed to standardize  
the use and design of our seal, logotype and other forms of  

Our identity is fundamental to the way we communicate. It?s the way we  
present ourselves to our stakeholders, our students, suppliers and  
communities. It distinguishes us effectively from our competitors. It  
visually connects our quality education to our university, unifying  
all our operations and providing a recognizing symbol of quality.

Our identity provides us with consistency ? but only if we all have  
the discipline to ensure that our school?s brand identity or logo  
standards are maintained. Our identity is a vital asset and we have to  
ensure that we protect it by using it properly. A carefully controlled  
corporate identity is one of the most effective ways of projecting a  
powerful image.

The first phase in this project is the Corporate Identity Audit to get  
a good reading of how the units/offices/departments through the  
various collaterals have used the Ateneo seal and logotype. In this  
regard, we ask for your cooperation in submitting actual samples of  
any or all of the following materials/collaterals issued/produced by  
your office that bear the Ateneo seal and name:

1.        Stationery
2.        Envelopes (letter, brown) and Folders
3.        Calling Cards
4.        Receipts
5.        Memo forms
6.        Brochures
7.        Fliers
8.        Manuals
9.        Reports
10.        Diploma
11.        Transcript of Records
12.        IDs and ID tags
13.        Report Cards
14.        School Publication

Please submit the samples to Ms. Paolynn Hermida of the University  
Communication and Public Relations Office (UCPRO) at the Alingal Hall  
by May 12, 2011. For further inquiries, please call 4095 or email  
commpr at admu.edu.ph.

Thank you for your continuous support.


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