[Blueboard] Thank you letter from Dr. Emy Liwag, 16th Recepient of SAP

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Tue Apr 26 14:17:36 PHT 2011

Dearest friends and colleagues in the Ateneo community:

To be suddenly stricken with a serious dreaded illness is one of the  
most challenging and traumatic experiences anyone can face,  but for  
such to happen while one is far away from home makes the suffering  
nearly unbearable.

Last February 18, while on my year-long sabbatical leave in Australia,  
I had a major heart attack;  I was hospitalized at the Canberra  
Medical Center where I subsequently underwent an angioplasty.  I am  
now undergoing cardiac rehabilitation, slowly but steadily treading  
the path back to recovery, physical strength, cardiac health, and  

Please accept my deeply heartfelt appreciation for the generous  
support I received from the Ateneo via our Sickness Aid Plan.  This  
monetary assistance is a much welcome alleviation of the financial  
stress of being sick in a Foreign country.  More importantly, the  
immediate succor, the wonderful reaching out to me of my work  
community, and the sincere, loving notes and messages of support from  
all of you back home are helping my heart to heal and be strong again.

Words melt in my tongue as I try to express how much your caring has  
eased my heart's "aches".  My family and I will always remember your  
incredible help with gratitude -- thank you very much and God bless  
everyone and your concerned hearts!

With love and thanks,  Maria Emma Concepcion D. Liwag ("Emy")

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