[Blueboard] Asian Values Seminar from the Department of Philosophy

Mariel Ann P. Villanueva mpvillanueva at ateneo.edu
Fri Apr 1 10:12:49 PHT 2011

Ph 156/226.1 Philosophical Perspectives: Asian Values
Mon-Fri,  9:00am - 12:00 nn, Faura Audio-Visual Room

The 21st century has been widely touted as the "Asian Century."  How  
well do we know Asia? What are the values that many say make us Asian?  
Is there an Asian style of globalization?  Enroll in this course and  
discourse on the values that define "Asian."

Many political observers believe that countries in Asia with their  
increasingly strong economies are gradually emerging as the new global  
powers in the 21st century. As Asian countries modernize and come to  
terms with their new found power, they struggle to contextualized  
modernity and progress in their unique identities, cultures and value  

But how much do we know our neighbors in Asia? What do Asians value?  
Are there really Asian values? How is Asia similar and dissimilar from  
the West?
The course aims to answer the question, "What are the values that   
define what we today call Asians (even as there are as many Asian   
identities as there are countries)?" To answer this, the course will   
present some of the leading religions, philosophies and thinkers  that  
have defined the ethical traditions in Northeast (NE) and  Southeast  
(SE) Asia and India.

The concluding lectures will then explore how these religious and  
intellectual traditions are re-articulated in contemporary Asian   
societies and how they animate our modern, industrial, global lives.  
Are the Asian tigers like China, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Korea  
really modernizing in an Asian way?

Apr. 12, All Lecturers (first meeting at SS Conference Rms. 3&4 for  
this day) -	Overview of the Lectures (Texts and Requirements)

Apr. 13, Manuel B. Dy, Jr., Ph.D. - Buddhist Values & Their Relevance

Apr. 14, Manuel B. Dy, Jr., Ph.D. - The Asian Values of Mahatma Gandhi

Apr. 15, Roy Allan B. Tolentino, Ph.D. Cand. - Religion & Values:  
Islam in Asia

Apr. 18, Roy Allan B. Tolentino, Ph.D. Cand. - Constructed Values:  
Pancasila and People Power

Apr. 19 & 20, Andrew K.L. Soh, M.A. - Duty & Virtue: Preserving  
Confucian Values in a Changing World

Apr. 25 & 26, Andrew K.L. Soh, M.A. - Living Wu: Discovering the Value  
of Nothing in a Culture of Wants

Apr. 27- May 2, Antonette P. Angeles, Ph.D. and the Asian Values  
Research Team - Is there really an Asian identity? Are there really  
Asian values?  How are the leading religious and intellectual  
traditions  re-articulated in
contemporary Asian societies? How do they animate our modern,  
industrial, global lives? Are the Asian tigers like China, Taiwan,  
Singapore, Korea really modernizing in an Asian way? This and  more  
will be the topics of discussion in the Asian Values part of  the  

May 3, Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Ph.D. - The Philippine Conception  
of Good Governance

May 4, All Lecturers - Plenary Discussion

*Fees for the participants: Php 350 for every session, Php 3,000 for  
the whole seminar with a certificate of attendance. Students enlisting  
in the course are waived of the fees.

For inquiries, you may call the Philosophy Department at 426-6001 loc.5360/61

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