[Blueboard] Study Two in One Economics in the First Semester

Sairry R. Sandoval ssandoval at ateneo.edu
Mon May 31 15:07:17 PHT 2010

EC 185.12: International Political Economy (TTH 130-300PM)

The course introduces students to the field of international political
economy. Students learn the basic frameworks for analyzing the
problems that confront developed and developing economies today. This
course provides the foundation for students interested in pursuing
advanced topics in international political economy.

EC185.63: Comparative Economic Theories (TTH 300-430PM)

This course is an introduction to the comparative political economy of
(i) capitalism and socialism and (ii) market and planning. Students
review the basics of a representative economic theory of capitalism
(i.e., Neoclassical Economics) and discover a representative economic
theory of socialism (i.e., Marxian Economics).

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