[Blueboard] Urgent Plea for Help for the families of Negros Occidental

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Dear friends,

Please find below the letter of Fr. Rolex Nueva, Director of the Social Action Center (SAC) of the Diocese of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. They are in urgent need of food to help stave off the hunger being suffered by almost 500 families who have been desperately seeking for aid since the drought caused by El Nino started. Right now, their efforts are focused on gathering donations of rice sacks (an NFA rice sack costs around PhP800 which will last a family two weeks) for the community, but given the limited resources of the diocese, they are hardly able to do this without external assistance. 

If you have resources to spare or know of organizations who can provide the much-needed immediate aid to them, please do not hesitate to contact me in the details provided below or directly contact Fr. Rolex at +63 917 959 5043, or directly deposit your donation to Banco de Oro Kabankalan branch Account No. 3060056301, under the name of Bishop Patricio Buzon and Fr. Ramon Florete. Kindly fax the deposit slip to (63) (34) 4712163 for documention purposes. At the very least, it will make a huge difference if you help us forward this call to your own networks.

We know that these are not the best of times for us all as an economy seeking to recover. But right now, whatever help you can give can save the lives and help put an end to the suffering of these poor families in Negros. While these are truly difficult times, this is also the perfect opportunity to lend a hand to those who need it most today.

Many thanks and may God bless you infinitely. 

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Hi Atty. Kriz!

Warm greetings.

Forwarded is the letter of Fr. Rolex to Fr. Duffy appealing for immediate relief for familes suffering from hunger. We know that you can help us link to some individuals or organizations who can help us in this problem. 



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>Dear Fr. Joe,
>Peace Greetings from Kabankalan.
>I asked from Terence your e-ad.  Thank you very much for visiting our place.  
>I am writing to solicit assistance from your parish for our Ecclesial Communities who are suffering from hunger brought about by El Nino.  Farms are dried up. Animal food is hard to come by.  Water for domestic use is becoming scarce.  There are communities who have to draw potable water or wash clothes several kilometrers away.  It pains to see children along rural roads carrying plastic water containers too heavy for them!  Some of our local leaders have reported that there are families who out of desperation have resorted to eating root crops that are poisonous if not processed well.  The other day I was informed that a child regaled, in her innocence, our community leader of her story that the night before the family slept without taking supper... instead they had water to fill their hungry stomach.  
>So far, I have received requests for food aid from 473 families from 19 communities.  I am sure this number will bloat in the coming weeks because the hunger season will last up to August.  Government is hot with the election fever.  Political leaders seem not to take notice and if they do, it is mostly on the condition that they be voted into positions of power.  People are also wary and worried, based on experiences, that food projects of the government are alloted according to the whims of local officials, not according to who really are in great need.  We have planned that after the elections, these ecclesial communities would badger their government officials.
>The challenges for the local church here now are daunting.  We are doing the best we can however humble and humbling, believing and hoping that the Lord will not abandon His poor.  He will work wonders in His time and in His ways..
>Fr. Joe, thank you very much.  God bless you all.
>In Christ,
>Fr. Rolex 
>(Diocesan Commission on Social Action)            


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