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(Monday, 24 May 2010)

The Situation Report of 24 May 2010, with relevant photos, is posted at 

It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  At 5:20 p.m. last Wednesday, 19 May an explosion was heard at Quad 1
of Loyola Schools.  LS guards SG Reyburn S Dela Cruz, SG Jefry S Macasiray
and SG Gregorio Q Martin rushed to investigate.  They traced the explosion
to the air conditioning (ac) unit of the Office of Admission and Aid (OAA)
at Kostka Hall.   Smoke was still coming out of the ac unit, prompting the
guards to use the fire extinguisher.  OAA personnel Mr. Nicolo Y. Maniquis
unplugged the ac unit.  UPP electrician Remelito C. Salinas then inspected
the ac unit to determine the problem.  He found the compressor to have
overheated (rubber seals melted) and malfunctioned.  The explosion heard was
due to the sudden release of Freon gas.  What was mistaken for smoke was
Freon gas escaping.  The ac unit did not catch fire but could have caught
fire if no immediate action was taken.  Ac units are overworked because of
the unusually hot weather.    

COMMUNICATION:  The Internet is being upgraded.  The new pole beside the
fence at Gate 3 shown below is for the upgraded Internet connection with
Digitel via fiber optic cable. 

TRAFFIC:  Traffic at the Loyola Heights campus will gradually build up this
June.  The schedule of activities and the start of classes of school units
are listed below:    

o	Wed., 2 Jun		Classes start - High School Freshmen  
o	Thurs., 3 Jun:	Orientation Seminar for parents of Grade School (GS)
Prep & Grades 1 & 3 students 
o	Fri., 4 Jun:		Orientation Seminar for parents of Grade 2
Classes start - High School (2,300 students).
o	Mon., 7 Jun:	Classes start - Primary School (Prep to Grade 3 =
2,200 students) 
(HS will have classes making combined total of 4,500 GS & HS students on
o	Tues., 8 Jun:	Classes start - Middle School (Grades 4 to 7 = 2,150
(HS will have classes making combined total of 6,500 GS & HS students on
Loyola Schools registration (8 to 11 June)
o	Wed., 9 Jun:	Loyola Schools ORSEM (9, 10, 11 June for over 1,900
freshmen and several hundred students
assisting ORSEM)
o	Tues., 15 Jun:	Classes start - Loyola Schools  

To facilitate better traffic flow at the Loyola Heights campus, the
following steps have been taken:

1.	The Grade School conducted an orientation seminar for school service
operators, drivers and "bus mothers" last Friday, 21 May.
2.	Security guards will undergo a Seminar on Traffic Management and
Control from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on 25 and 26 May at the Grade School
3.	Additional guards will be deployed to guide and assist new motorists
adjust to the new traffic and parking schemes on campus. 

4.	Modified traffic and parking arrangements are shown in the following

1.	Construction of a new pedestrian sidewalk to Gate 3.5 and
construction of a visitor pass access road for vehicles - to be   completed
before 31 May. 

It is expected to improve traffic as several crossing points have been
reduced to one.

2.	Issuance of visitor passes is a major cause of traffic congestion at
Gate 2 and Gate 3.  The construction of a separate access road at Gate 3 is
expected to reduce traffic congestion.

Booms will be installed at the Upper East Carpark.

Entrance to the Upper East Carpark will only be at the Fr. Masterson and
Seminary Drive junction.

Exit will be at Paseo de Reilly.  

Parking barriers have been installed along diversion road to guide

Entrance will only be at the South end of the diversion  road (closer to the
Erenchun Football field).

Exit will only be at the North end of the diversion road (closer to the
baseball field).

Booms will be installed at the West Carpark (faculty & staff parking) and a
one-way traffic flow will be implemented.  

Red arrows point to where the parking boom will be installed and the
direction of the one-way traffic flow

The entrance to North Carpark along University Road will be closed.

Entrance will only be along Fr. Arrupe Road.

Exit will only be along Parade Loop (beside Bellarmine Field)

Vehicular Accidents:  The incidence of vehicular accidents involving
motorcycles is very high in Metro Manila and increasing.  Many motorcyclists
tend to be reckless and generally disregard traffic rules.  

At 7:00 a.m. last Thursday, 20 May a pick-up driven by an Ateneo personnel
making a U-turn under Gate 2.5 footbridge was hit by a speeding southbound
(going to the flyover) motorcyclist.  The southbound motorcyclist should not
have been in the inner lane.  

LEFT:  Pick-up with Ateneo gate pass sticker hit by a motorcycle at the Gate
2.5 U-turn.  Note that the pick-up was already making a U-turn when hit by
the southbound motorcycle on the wrong lane.  
MIDDLE:  Unconscious motorcyclist on the road waiting for emergency medical
personnel and ambulance.
RIGHT:  Injured motorcyclist being taken by QC 

LEFT:  Damaged section of the pick-up (behind the left front wheel) hit by
the motorcycle.  
MIDDLE:  Motorcycle beside the pick-up.  
RIGHT:  Another view of the accident.   

Accidents frequently occur at the Gate 2.5 footbridge U-turn.  The community
is advised to take precaution when making a U-turn in the area.

The community is reminded to get their gate pass stickers now to avoid the
rush in June and the P1,000 surcharge after 30 June.  

SECURITY:  At 3:30 p.m. last Tuesday, 18 May SG RONALD D ORPEZA noticed a
fire inside the Barangka cemetery beside the Grade School's Pacquing Hall.
SSG LEONARDO C SANTOS responded to the call for assistance and helped put
out the fire at 4:15 p.m.

Left:  Fire inside the Barangka cemetery noticed by GS guard SG Ronald D
Middle:   SG Orpeza (shown standing on top of the fence separating Barangka
cemetery and the Grade School Pacquing Hall) putting out the fire.
Right:   Wood, paper and bones were found at the scene of the fire.  It
could not be determined whether the fire was deliberately started.  The
incident was reported to Mr. Rodel M. Pascual Barangka Barangay Secretary.

Found and Returned:

1.	 Mon., 17 May:  A Cervini dormer MR. PATRICK REYES (not in the
picture) found a Philip player on the Cervini grounds.  He turned it over to
the Residence Hall security guard.  It was claimed by the owner, also a
dormer the following day at the security office.
2.	Wed., 19 May:  A High School student reported to security that he
left his iPhone inside a tricycle.  The  information was relayed by radio to
all guards.  It was recovered by SG INDION P CREDO (not in the picture)
inside the tricycle at Gate 3.  The iPhone was claimed by the owner at the
security office.
3.	Wed., 19 May:  A Cervini dormer MR. ROMEO DONAIRE (not in the
picture) found a watch inside a shower room.  He turned it over to the
Cervini guard.  The owner, another Cervini dormer claimed it from the guard.

4.	Fri., 21 May:  A cell phone found at De la Costa Hall bench by LG
JIOCY M PAGUNSAN (not in the picture) was returned to the owner at the
security office on the same day.

Thieves, snatchers and hold-ups are not as serious a concern as carelessness
on campus.  Most losses on campus are due to carelessness.  Coordination
will be made with Barangay officials and the Police to preempt losses due to
theft along Katipunan Avenue.  At the same time, the community is encouraged
to be more vigilant in the custody of their personal belongings.  


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