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(Tuesday, 18 May 2010)

The Situation Report of 18 May 2010, with relevant photos, is posted at 

 It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  We may no longer experience rotating power outages as the major coal
power generators are able to supply the power needs in Luzon.  For the
information of the community, Engr. Cesar J. Dawana, our Meralco Account
Officer provided the following breakdown of power source in the country:

Hydro		16%
Natural Gas	33%
Geothermal	17%
Coal		26%
Oil base	 	  8%

TRAFFIC:  Motorists will have to make some adjustments in the campus traffic
scheme this June.  Loyola Schools initiated physical changes in traffic flow
and parking arrangements to organize and secure traffic flow and parking as
shown below:

1.	Booms will be installed at the Upper East Carpark.
2.	Entrance to the Upper East Carpark will only be at the Fr. Masterson
and Seminary Drive junction.
3.	Exit will be at Paseo de Reilly.  

1.    Parking barriers have been installed along diversion road to guide
2.	Entrance will only be at the South end of the diverstion road
(closer to the Erenchun Football field).
3.	Exit will only be at the North end of the diversion road (closer to
the baseball field).

Booms will also be installed at the West Carpark (faculty & staff parking)
and a one-way traffic flow will be implemented.

1.	The entrance to North Carpark along University Road will be closed.
2.	Entrance will only be along Fr. Arrupe Road.
3.	Exit will only be along Parade Loop (beside Bellarmine Field)

Parking booms (17 new booms), guard houses (8 new guard houses & 3
refurbished) with CCTV will be installed at:
1.	Bellarmine carpark
2.	Central carpark
3.	ComArts carpark (across the College Covered Courts)
4.	Diversion Road carpark
5.	Northwest carpark
6.	Lower East carpark
7.	Upper East carpark
8.	West carpark
9.	Xavier Hall carpark 

There are no changes in the traffic flow and parking arrangements at the
High School and Grade School areas.

The community is reminded to get their gate pass stickers now to avoid the
rush in June and the P1,000 surcharge after 30 June.  

SECURITY:  As of 6 May, Loyola Schools' ADSA office received eight reports
of lost items in April and four in the first week of May.  Reported lost
were 5 wallets, 5 cell phones, 1 bag and an ID.  All the victims had no idea
when and where they lost their belongings.
Campus security on the other hand, reported eight items found & returned in
April and three items found & returned as of 17 May (two cell phones and one
disposable camera).  

Date		Item found & returned		Area where found
Found by

1. 05 April	Black wallet w/ assorted cards	North car parked
LS student  Mike Cruz
2. 10 April	Black bag  w/ wallet 3,672		Mateo Ricci
SG Antonino A Parnada
3. 10 April	White bag w/ short & towel		Mateo Ricci
SG Antonino A Parnada
4. 12 April	BDO check (for Ateneo tuition)	AGS benches 		SG
Miguelito P Soriao
5. 19 April	Blue wallet w/ 2,300 Php		Moro Gym
Moro Staff Gretchen Petiquin
6. 23 April	White ACER Laptop				MVP 312
SG  Emmanuel S Arano
7. 26 April	Black wallet  w/ 520 Php		JSEC Mall
LS student Hans Jefferson Ngo
8. 28 April	Brown wallet with cash			Diversion parking
SG  Leonardo C Santos Jr.
9. 11 May	Cell phone					Kostka
Extension		SG Emmanuel S Arano
10.15 May	Cell phone					Cervini Res.
Hall lobby	LS student Maan Cadayuna
11.17 May	Disposable Camera				Diversion
Road walkway	LS staff Rogelio G. Alabat

Special mention should be made of the recovery of a cell phone (Nokia N97)
from a taxi.  A visiting football player reported to a High School guard SG
FREDDIE R GARCIA that he left his cell phone inside a taxi.  SG Garcia
immediately sounded the alarm and SSG REYNALDO S RAMIREZ managed to
intercept the taxi in front of Xavier Hall.  The cell phone was found in the
back seat unnoticed by the driver.   

Over at the Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health (ASMPH) a cell phone
and a wallet were also found and returned first week of May.

Left:  2:50 p.m., Monday, 3 May:  Diars housekeeping personnel MR. JULIUS A.
MARQUEZ found a Nokia cell phone inside the 3rd floor male toilet.  He
turned this over to security where the owner claimed it on the same day.

Right: 4:20 p.m., Monday, 3 May:  SG EDISON L DEL ROSARIO found a wallet
with cash and cards in a classroom.  This was turned over to the owner on
the same day.

It seems that more wallets were lost this summer than in previous summers.
The community is reminded to consciously keep track of their personal

The Grade School conducted a two day seminar on English Communication to the
security guards so they can communicate better with the students and parents
at the Grade School.  

MAINTENANCE:  The holidays have not affected major improvement works.  There
will be some delays in completing some projects due to late start.  There is
also some delay in completion of job orders due to simultaneous requests.
So far, the bulk of major improvement projects and minor repairs are
expected to be completed before the start of classes in June.  


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