[Blueboard] Invitation to the Elections Monitoring Operatives for Change (EMOs for Change) Training

Amihan R. Perez arperez at ateneo.edu
Thu May 6 11:49:07 PHT 2010

The Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) invites you to join the Election
Monitoring Operatives for Change (EMOs for Change)--an election monitoring
initiative seeking to examine substantive aspects of the 2010 elections.

The School of Government recognizes that apart from the need to monitor
procedural aspects of the first automated national-local elections, there is
also an imperative to monitor the content of the elections ? that is, to
answer the question: How much reforms are there in the 2010 elections?

EMOs for Change hopes to accomplish this by providing an easy-to-use
monitoring tool that makes apparent what reform looks like on the ground,
thus allowing any citizen to assess the level of reform present in election
campaigns both national and local.

This monitoring tool focuses on three indicators that reveal critical reform
elements of election campaigns:

    1. PARTY AND PLATFORM: Do candidates have concrete and manifested plans
    of action based on their political party's platforms?
    2. ISSUES: Do campaign platforms talk about urgent and compelling issues?
    3. ELECTION ADMINISTRATION: Do institutions responsible during elections
    perform their functions based on measurable standards?

The most compelling messages in campaigns this election season center on the
call for Change. Through this tool, reform constituencies shall be
capacitated and mobilized to monitor substantive aspects of the elections
and campaigns. The information gathered in these efforts will be
consolidated to assess whether the elections were has been credible in terms
of its reform content.

The automated election system presents a novel set of challenges both for
election administration bodies and election monitoring organizations.
Interest groups  are treading a steep learning curve as they identify and
re-define monitoring roles. The EMOs for Change initiative of the school
aims to complement these existing efforts and attempts to fill a persistent
monitoring gap which seek to gauge the orientation or bias of campaigns and
the conduct of elections towards reform.

A training of EMOs for Change shall be conducted on May 8, 2010, 8:00am to
12:00nn at the Astoria Plaza, 15 J. Escriva Drive Ortigas Business District,
Pasig City. Those who wish to participate may contact Michelle Avelino via
email: michelle.avelino at gmail.com or mobile number: 09194614233.

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