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(Tuesday, 4 May 2010)

The Situation Report of 4 May 2010, with relevant photos, is posted at 

It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  The power outage scheduled Sunday, 2 May to permanently splice the
4/0 XLPE cable at the manhole and termination at the oil switch for the High
School was rescheduled to give way to the activities at the Church of the
Gesu and Moro Lorenzo Sports Center.  The outage has been rescheduled to
Sunday, 9 May.

Upgrading of the feeder line and transformer to the Loyola Schools complex,
specifically to Faura Hall, Schmitt & PIPAC will also be will also be done
on Sunday, 9 May from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Affected buildings are:
1.	Faura Hall
2.	Schmitt Hall

WATER:  The pump of the Grade School cistern broke down last Friday, 30
April.  The back-up pump was activated while the damaged pump is being
repaired.  Water supply in the Grade School complex was briefly interrupted
but restored on the same day.  

APS-Rockwell also had a water supply problem last Sunday, 2 May.
Fortunately, there was no activity on that day.  The water distribution
system has been fixed.

TRAFFIC:  Traffic and parking will be affected with asphalt paving (North
carpark) and asphalt overlay (diversion road) today.  Traffic on campus may
slow down and there will be inconvenience to the community.  This is
necessary to improve traffic flow when classes start in June.

SECURITY:  At 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, 29 April a Grade School driver requested
that the license plate number of his vehicle be placed on the gate pass
sticker he bought.  On verification, it was discovered that the sticker was
not issued by Ateneo.  The driver later admitted that he bought the sticker
from a maid of Grade School parents. 

Left:  Bogus sticker security personnel managed to buy from the illegitimate

Right:  Picture of the house where the bogus sticker was bought.
Unfortunately, the maid selling the bogus sticker refused to sell stickers
when PNP personnel accompanied campus security later in the day.  

Arrangements are being made with the Grade School administration to inform
the Grade School parents regarding the illegal activity of the maid. 

The community is cautioned against acquiring gate pass stickers from
illegitimate source.  Ten Grade School gate pass stickers numbered from
14490 to 14499 are fake and will not be honored on campus.  Campus security
is on the lookout for these stickers.  Sanctions will be imposed on owners
of vehicles found and proven to have illegally acquired gate pass stickers.

CAMPUS FIRE:  Several fire trucks entered the campus at 4:45 p.m. last
Friday, 30 April to extinguish the grass fire in the vacant lot adjacent to
the Grade School complex.  There was no immediate danger to the Grade School
complex but the smoke emitted by the fire affected traffic along Katipunan
Avenue.  The grass fire was contained at 5:15 p.m.  

The grass fire at the vacant lot adjacent to the Grade School complex is
shown above.  

SG ALBERT C ESPIRITU, EAPI night guard making his rounds last Saturday, 1
May sensed something burning past 10:00 p.m.  He traced the burning odor to
the kitchen area where he saw smoke. He immediately notified the security
office and forced open the kitchen door.  SSG BENJAMIN B TAMAYO, security
night supervisor rushed to the area and helped SG Espiritu put out the fire.
Fr. Jeyaraj Rasiah Jeya, EAPI Rector was informed of the incident shortly
after the fire was contained.  

Initial investigation indicates that an electric fan inadvertently left on,
overheated and caught fire.  Damaged was limited to burned mangoes, bananas
and plastic containers as shown in the pictures below:

1.	Burned electric fan motor shown with the damaged mangoes.
2.	Burned fan motor plastic enclosure mixed with the mangoes.
3.	SG ALBERT C ESPIRITU is shown at the scene of the fire.
4.	SSG BENJAMIN B TAMAYO pointing to the can of cooking oil that did
not catch fire.

MAINTENANCE:  Painting of road curb and gutters, center lines and pedestrian
lanes was done last Sunday when traffic on campus was minimal. 

The long holiday weekend would have been ideal for asphalt overlay and
paving but the asphalt supplier does not operate during holidays.


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