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(Monday, 7 June 2010)

The Situation Report of 7 June 2010, with relevant photos, is posted at 

It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  Rotating power outages may still be scheduled this week.  Power
reserves are not enough to meet demand. Given this prospect, Meralco was
requested to exempt the Loyola Heights campus if possible because of Loyola
Schools' ORSEM activities and the concert of Ateneo de Zamboanga at Irwin
Theatre.  Irwin Theatre has no back-up power generator.       

TRAFFIC:  Campus traffic will gradually build up with the Primary School
(2,082 students) starting classes today and joining the High School (2,402
students).  By Tuesday, the Middle School (2,080 students) will start
classes and increase the total number of students to 6,564 on campus.
(Miriam College's 1,900 college students will start classes on Tuesday, 8
June).  The number of students determines the number of vehicles that will
enter the campus (roughly 60% of the number of students).     

Traffic is expected to be heaviest on Wednesday morning from 6:00 to 8:00
a.m. due to: 

1.	6:00 - 7:15 a.m.:   Drop-off of 3,787 Grade School students (less
Prep & Grade 1 PM) 7:15 a.m. 
  flag ceremony. 
2.	6:30 - 7:45 a.m.:   Arrival of 2,200+ High School students for 7:45
a.m. flag ceremony.
3.	6:45 - 7:30 a.m.:   Arrival time of 2,161 LS freshmen and 800
upperclassmen for 7:30 a.m.
  ORSEM registration at the College Covered Courts.  
4.	8:00 a.m.:	  LS 1st semester registration. 

To manage traffic flow and minimize delays, the following steps have been

1.	The ORSEM Logistics Committee headed by Mr. Elijah Justin S. Segovia
prepared a traffic scheme for Orsem participants.  Please see:

2.	Mr. John Gabriel T. Bilog, Associate. Principal for Student Affairs
will ask High School students where possible to:

o	Join a carpool to go to school.
o	Try to go to school at least 30 minutes earlier.
o	Enter at Gate 3 to avoid choke points between Fr. Masterson-Seminary
Road and Fr. Masterson-Paseo de Reiley junctions.
o	Ask to be dropped-off safely at curbside at designated drop-off
areas (as done in the Grade School.  This will also be implemented by the
ORSEM Logistic Committee inside the Upper East carpark).
o	Cross campus roads safely at pedestrian lanes and briskly walk
across the road (this will also be implemented by the ORSEM Logistic
Committee members).  

3.	Ms. Maria Elizabeth M. Bermio, Grade School Traffic, Security and
Safety Officer will request:

o	School service vehicles if possible to come earlier than usual
during the LS ORSEM.
o	School service vehicles with High School students to take the road
via Central carpark or diversion road to University Road in proceeding to
the High School.
o	Motorists who are leaving the campus via Gate 3.5 are encouraged to
go out via the diversion road or Central carpark rather than Fr. Masterson

MMDA's Engr. Emilio M. Llavor, MMDA's Traffic Engineering Center Chief of
the Planning & Design Division dropped by the campus last Thursday, 3 June
to review the traffic scheme at Katipunan Avenue and coordinate traffic
management with Ateneo.  According to Engr. Llavor:

1.	There are no changes in the traffic flow scheme along Katipunan
2.	He agreed to experiment with the use of traffic cones outside Gate
3.5 to facilitate exit of vehicles from Ateneo during rush hours:  The
experiment is not to disrupt entry of vehicles to Miriam College's Gate 1.
This experiment will start this week with Ateneo providing the traffic
3.	More MMDA personnel will be fielded along Katipunan Avenue for the
start of classes, particularly on 15 June.

In previous years, it took motorist a week to familiarize and adjust to
traffic flow on campus.  Hopefully, this year's graduated schedule of start
of classes will allow motorists time to adjust and be ready for the start of
Loyola Schools' classes by 15 June.  There is not much that can be done
should it rain this week and next week. The community is encouraged to come
before or after the expected peak traffic period from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. 

In celebration of "340 ARAW NG MAKATI 2010", Makati City released the
Traffic Advisory below:  

Road closure and rerouting in adjacent areas, particularly in Makati City
affects traffic at EDSA and C5.  Katipunan Avenue is part of C5 and traffic
on campus will inevitably be affected.   

Although, the effects will not be immediate, Ateneo learned from a Quezon
City Hall source over the weekend of City Council Resolution SP-4866 S-2010
approved 8 March 2010.  In part, the resolution states:

"A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of a Certificate of Exception to SM
Development Corporation of a 42-storey mixed Commercial and Residential
Condominium Building with basement and roofdeck with amenities located at
Katipunan Avenue corner Aurora Blvd., Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City,
allowing deviation from the restriction as to exempt from the provision of
Article VI Sections 4 (Traffic Generation) and 11 (F) (Height Regulation of
the Quezon City Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance No. SP-918, S-2000, as

The construction of the 42-storey mixed Commercial and residential
Condominium at the corner of Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Blvd is expected to
affect traffic to Ateneo.  The start date of construction is still not known
but expected within this year.  

SECURITY:  The community is cautioned to be wary of snatchers and thieves on
campus and along Katipunan Avenue.  Measures have been taken in cooperation
with Barangay Loyola Heights and the PNP to prevent incidents of snatching,
hold-ups and robberies along Katipunan.  Security measures have also been
taken on campus.  However, the best counter measure is for everybody to be
vigilant in the care of their personal belongings.

Found and returned:  Last week only two items were found and returned to the
owners at the Loyola Heights campus.

3:15 p.m., Fri., 4 Jun.:  SG JET-JET S DE VERA (not in the picture) found an
Apple laptop at the JSEC Mall.  The laptop was claimed by an LS coed in the
afternoon of the following day at the security office.

10:15 a.m., Sat., 5 Jun.:  Loyola Schools staff MR. JAIME RENE M. PEREZ (not
in the picture) found a wallet with cash belonging to a Blue Eagle Gym
maintenance personnel along Fr. Masterson Road.  The wallet was claimed by
the owner on the same day at the security office.  

Traditionally, there is a significant increase in the incidence of losses at
the start of the school year.  The community is again cautioned to be very
vigilant in the care of personal belongings on and off-campus.    

MAINTENANCE:  Most of major improvement projects of school units scheduled
this summer have been completed.  However, there are still some unfinished

1.	Newly completed public toilet of the Grade School.  It is beside the
fence separating Ateneo and Meralco power substation.
2.	The public toilet is beside the covered walk from Gate 1 to the
Grade School.  It is near the parking area of school service vehicles.
3.	Note the new brick-covered area that serves as waiting area for
Grade School fetchers.
4.	The brick-covered grounds outside the High School canteen.
5.	The same area seen from another angle.  Note tables and umbrella
where High School students can stay and have their meals or snacks.
6.	View of the area outside the canteen taken from the High School
Chapel area.

Much of the planned adjustments and improvements in carparks and campus
roads have been done.  However, there still many items being rushed in time
for the start of classes on 15 June.  

1.	Entrance to College Lane along University Drive.
2.	Entrance to College Lane from University Drive.  Drop off and U-turn
not allowed in this area
3.	Entrance to Upper East carpark at Fr. Masterson Drive and Seminary
Road junction.
4.	Note the guard houses that have been constructed near the bar booms
in most of the designated car parks for Loyola Schools. 

It has been officially declared that the rainy season has started.  All
units are requested to double check and clean roof gutters and downspout
strainers to prevent roofs from leaking and water from entering offices.   


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