[Blueboard] JOB VACANCIES (Univ Archives)

Catherine S. Gregorio cgregorio at ateneo.edu
Thu Dec 16 11:54:20 PHT 2010

The Ateneo de Manila University wishes to announce job openings for
the following positions:


      Educational Background:  Master's or doctorate degree in History or
                               related fields
                               Preferably a faculty member or graduate of
                               the Ateneo

      Other Qualifications:    Ability to establish direction and leadership in
                               making the University Archives a  
collaborative and
                               collegial partner in the preservation of
                               University's culture and heritage

                               Knowledge in the theory, methodology  
and practice
                               of archival and special collections

                               Competence in appraisal, access and preservation
                               of archival and special collections

                               Proven ability to assist scholars, educators,
                               students and general public as steward  
and manager
                               of the archives

                               Understanding of the cultural, legal and ethical
                               dimensions of archive work


      Educational Background:  Master's degree in Library Science

      Other Qualifications:    At least 5 years experience in acquisition,
                               organization and preservation of archival or
                               special collections documents/materials

                               Solid background in use of technology for
                               preservation, conservation and cataloguing of
                               documents and materials

                               Understanding of the security and historical
                               dimensions of archive work

                               Ability to communicate and collaborate  
with other
                               professionals regarding use of archives

Interested applicants may email application letter and resume to Mrs. Imelda
G. Nibungco, Director of Human Resources Management Office at email address
(ignibungco at ateneo.edu).

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