[Blueboard] IPC Call for Researchers

IPC ipc at admu.edu.ph
Thu Dec 9 08:13:37 PHT 2010



This is an invitation for a project based contract employment for a Research
Project Manager and a Research Assistant.  The project is a qualitative
research study on impoverished families and selected communities in the
Philippines. The work will be based in a project office in Ateneo de Manila
University and the contract period will be from January to June, 2010. The
intended work can either be on a full time basis of 40 hours a week or a
part time basis of 25 hours a week.  The experience will be useful to those
in the social science who are interested in developing a deeper
understanding of the psychological and social problems of poor families and
communities.  The compensation will be discussed later with the applicant.


Research Project Manager

The requirement is for a masteral graduate of counseling, clinical, or
developmental psychology who is interested in research.  The scope of work
of the research project manager is to coordinate the collection of field
research data, and to conduct data analysis.  


Project Research Assistant

The requirement is for a bachelor's graduate of psychology, sociology,
development studies or a related field, who is interested in developing
research abilities.  The scope of work of the Research Assistant is
principally to encode research data provided by field researchers, using
qualitative research software, particularly NVIVO.  


If you are interested in applying for these positions, please send your CV
or resume to Ms. May Nogra at maynogra at gmail.com before 21 December 2010. If
there is a relatively good match of your qualifications with the study's
requirements, you shall be contacted immediately for an interview.  Thank
you very much for your possible interest.       




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