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(Tuesday, 27 October 2009)

The Situation Report of 27 October 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at 

It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  Details of the power outage scheduled on Sunday and Monday (1 and 2
November) for the Katipunan grid is shown below:    

Date:		Sunday, 1 November
Time:		8:00 to 9:00 a.m.
Purpose:		To isolate SEC A, B, C buildings for the
modification of the 35 kv feeder line, Phase II
Affected buildings:	

1.	Leong Hall		        
2.	Social Science Building	  
3.	Rizal Library		  
4.	Xavier Hall & PABX 	 
5.	Kostka & MIS		 
6.	Berchmans Hall
7.    MVP Student Leadership Center
8.    Gonzaga Hall
9.    PIPAC
10.   Schmitt Hall
11.   Faura Hall
12.   University Dormitory
13.   SEC A, B, & C

Date:		Sunday, 1 November
Time:		8:00 a.m. 1 November to 4:00 p.m. 2 November. 
Purpose:	Cable pulling, installation of loadbreak elbow connector,
cable splicing.
Affected buildings:	

SEC A, B and C buildings. 

Date:		Monday, 2 November
Time:		3:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Purpose:	To complete modification of the 35 kv, Phase II
Affected buildings:

1.	 New Rizal Library	  
2.	De la Costa Hall	
3.	J.G. SOM, CTC	
4.	J. SEC Mall		
5.	Leong Hall		
6.	Social Science Building	
7.	Rizal Library		
8.	Xavier Hall & PABX
9.    SEC A, B, C
10.   Kostka/MIS
11.   Berchmans Hall
12.   MVP Student Leadership Center
13.   Gonzaga Hall
14.   PIPAC
15.   Schmitt Hall
16.   Faura Hall
17.  University Dormitory

WATER:  Results of the evaluation of water samples from sixty cisterns,
overhead tanks and selected drinking fountains of units at the four campuses
were released last Thursday, 22 October.  Seven of the sixty samples
evaluated did not "conform with the standards for drinking water with
respect to coliform bacteria".  These are:

1.	Xavier Hall cistern.
2.	Leong Hall cistern.
3.	Leong Hall overhead tank.
4.	ASMPH overhead tank.
5.	APS-Salcedo cistern.
6.	University Dorm ground floor female side drinking fountain.
7.	University Dorm 2nd floor male side drinking fountain.

These cisterns and overhead tanks were cleaned last week.  The suppliers of
the drinking fountains have been asked to take remedial action.  Water
samples will again be taken for evaluation this week.  Results of the
evaluation will be released next week.   

TRAFFIC:  Another High School boy riding behind the driver fell at 7:10 a.m.
at the diversion road near Gate 3 last Thursday, 15 Oct 2009.   A Grade
School parent, Mrs. Ester R. De Guzman following the tricycle in her van
took the boy to the High School infirmary.  Dr. Ma. Nenita L. Salcedo
examined the boy while Mr. Dennis R. Dator informed the boy's parent of the
accident.  Dr. Salcedo found abrasions on the boy's inner wrist but no other
injuries.  The boy went on to attend classes as instructed by his parents.

The tricycle involved in the accident is shown with the required footrest
and handle bar for the back rider.   It was running within the specified 30
kph campus speed limit.
Given the two incidents of High School boys falling off the tricycles, the
High School has requested that High School students be barred from riding
behind the driver.  High School students carry bags that are difficult to
hold on to while seated at the back of the driver. 

This request has been relayed to the Presidents of both the Loyola Heights
(White) and Loyola Pansol (Green) Tricycle Operators and Drivers
Associations (TODA).  The two TODAs committed to cooperate fully in the
implementation of this request.

Tricycle riders are reminded to:

1.	Hold on to the handle bar and step on the footrest while in transit.
2.	Do not ride at the back of the driver when carrying heavy and bulky
3.	Refrain from using the cell phone (voice and sms) while in transit.

MAINTENANCE:  Road repairs are being done during the break.

There are still a few structures on campus with asbestos roof.  This is
being replaced now.  Shown below is the replacement of the asbestos roof of
the unoccupied old Prep building at the Grade School complex.


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