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Join Donald Lim and Arlene Amarante in the first module of the 
Ateneo-IMMAP Digital Marketing Diploma Program.

*‘Digital Marketing Wiki: Key Concepts in Digital Marketing’*
introductory session: November 13, 2009, 9am -12noon
Access to Online Course: November 13 – November 27, 2009
Summary session: November 27, 2009, 9am – 12 noon

/Wiki is the Hawaiian word for “fast”./ 

Marketers are faced with the challenge of keeping up with what’s hot and 
what works in mobile and the Internet. In the Digital Marketing Diploma 
Program, industry experts will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening 
locally and abroad. But before blindly following what’s hot right now, 
Donald Lim and Arlene Amarante will walk you through the key concepts 
that you need to know in exploring digital marketing for your brand in 
Digital Marketing Wiki. Wiki will use plain words in explaining 
fundamental concepts in Internet and Mobile marketing anchored on 
marketing management principles that you will need in holistically 
integrating digital in your marketing plan. 

It is the first and /keystone/ module in the *Digital Marketing Diploma 
Program*, an 11-module program geared towards developing well-rounded 
digital marketing-savvy professionals. Learn more about the diploma 
program at http://cce.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=391&c=192 


-          Explain what Digital Marketing is and its role in the whole 
marketing process

-          Describe the evolution of the media landscape and the 
Filipino Netizen and how marketers can adapt to this change

-          Present or demonstrate various digital marketing formats 
utilized by key marketing-driven companies

*WHO SHOULD ATTEND? *Entrepreneurs, product champions, brand activation 
team members, ad agency executives, media managers, *marketing, and 
advertising professionals* who need to sustainably engage their 
customers through effective marketing channels. 

*METHODOLOGY: *We’ll leverage on the channels we champion. We’ll use a 
combination of traditional face-to-face sessions, mobile tools and an 
online learning platform to accommodate the life-style needs of the 
marketing professionals we targeted. We start every program with a 
3-hour face-to-face orientation session and end with a 3-hour summary 
session as a venue for consultation, project presentations and 
networking.  **

In between the face-to-face sessions, participants will have 2-weeks 
where they can use our online learning platform while being coached by 
an online facilitator.  The online course content, forums and activities 
can be taken anywhere and anytime. 

We recommend that participants dedicate of at least four hours a week to 
the online coursework. For example, participants can read course content 
emailed to them daily as part of their regular routine and then go 
online to finish their assigned coursework during the weekend. 


*Donald Lim* is the President and CEO of Yehey! Corporation, the 
Philippine’s no.1 search engine and Internet portal. He took the helm of 
a bleeding company and turned it around by reverse engineering the 
business model and transforming the company into a digital marketing 
holding company that is now dominating its market niche. He is also 
President and CEO of Media Contacts Manila, a joint venture company 
between Yehey Corporation and Europe’s largest interactive conglomerate 
Havas Digital.

*Arlene Amarante *is the Country Sales Director of Yahoo! Philippines, 
former Country Sales Manager of Microsoft Advertising, President and COO 
of local giant, Splash Corporation and Country General Manager of 
Motorola Philippines. She also held key position in L’Oreal and 

*Joel Yuvienco *(Online Facilitator) He is a* *Social Media Technology 
Consultant and Educator based in Manila, Joel was educated in Statistics 
and Law at the University of the Philippines. He completed his 
residential MBA program in 1996 at the University of Liverpool, U.K., in 
the midst of the first growth spurt of the Internet or Web 1.0 which 
allowed him to explore its evolving usefulness in collaborative 
projects. A “tweener” straddling the Baby Boomer and X Generations, he 
is a strong believer in Information and Communications Technology as a 
potent tool to bridge cultural/generational divides.  For close to 15 
years he had worked in the government and the corporate sector, until he 
decided to cross over to the academe doing what he loved doing: 
Innovative Teaching and Research. 

*WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?  *The wealth of experience our subject matter 
expert team is priceless.  They are extraordinarily dedicating their 
time, energy and expertise in digital marketing in the hopes of a) 
developing digital marketing professionals b) growing the local digital 
marketing industry and c) instilling the discipline of continuous 
self-learning in such a fast-paced industry.

*INTRODUCTORY RATE: *Php 5,500.00 inclusive of the snacks during the 
classroom sessions, access to an online course, training kit, and 
certificate of course completion.

*VENUE:* Face-to-face sessions will take place at the 3rd Floor, Ateneo 
Professional Schools building, 130 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, 
Makati City for the face-to-face sessions. Participants have the option 
to take this course purely online by request. This requires close 
coordination with online facilitator to secure learning output, as well 
as, strict monitoring of the number of hours spent on the online 
learning platform before a certificate of completion is issued.
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*APPLICATION FORM*: *‘Digital Marketing Wiki: Key Concepts in Digital 

[   ] Yes, please I/We would like to join Digital Marketing Wiki of the 
Digital Marketing Diploma Program of the IMMAP and Ateneo CCE from 
November 13 – 27, 2009.

Registration Fee: Php. 5,500.00 inclusive of the snacks during the 
classroom sessions, access to an online course, training kit, and 
certificate of course completion.

Name            :  

Position         :  

Company      :  _________________________________________________________

Address         :  

Telephone      :  _________________________________________________________

Fax              :  

Mobile          :  

Email            :  

Please help forward this to friends and colleagues who might be 
interested. Thank you. 

Register online at http://www.cce.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=395

Or fax this as your registration form to 8107.809

Or call Amia Zepeda or Marleth Calanog at 830.2040

Or write to cce-abib at aps.ateneo.edu | amia.cce at gmail.com| 
mcalanog at aps.ateneo.edu |

For more details about Wiki, visit on the link 

For more details about the Digital Marketing Diploma Program, visit 

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