[Blueboard] Call for Sesqui Prayer

Hilda Tarroc mtarroc at ateneo.edu
Fri Oct 23 14:45:13 PHT 2009

A Sesqui Prayer

150 lines of sesquicentennial hopes, dreams, and desires 

of the Ateneo community



Take stock, reflect, and share an earnest prayer for our sesquicentennial
celebration. As we approach the culmination of our celebration of the
Ateneo's 150 years on December 12, wouldn't it be more memorable and
beautiful if amidst all the festivities and joyful reminiscence, a fervent
prayer for our 150 years emerges?


Your very own personal prayer could be a part of this!  


Find a quiet time to look back at the past 3 years that we have been
commemorating our sesquicentennial. What do all these mean to you? How does
it impact on you? Where is it leading you to? From this reflection, scribble
down an innermost desire, a fervent wish, or a cherished dream. 


Then weave these into just one line that strongly and passionately captures
the gist of your reflection. This single line from you may become part of a
greater, more encompassing expression of our aspirations, sentiments and
hope as one whole Ateneo community after 150 years of excellence, deepening
spirituality, and nation-building.


The fun part is that you could also do this by letting others pitch in and
express your reflection as a class, a batch, a group, or as an office within
the Ateneo.


Find these lines put together as one community's prayer - 150 lines of
sesquicentennial hopes, dreams, and desires of the Ateneo community. 


You may e-mail your one-liner Sesqui Prayer to  <mailto:mtarroc at ateneo.edu>
mtarroc at ateneo.edu or simply text it to 09056672416 on or before November
14, 2009. 





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