[Blueboard] 2-day Relief Caravan to Pangasinan & Benguet

krizna gomez flnd_krizzie at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 13:08:13 PHT 2009

Dear friends,

In cooperation with the Army and "APS Gives", our initial plan of doing a relief operation to Tublay, Benguet has now ballooned into a two-day Relief Caravan to Pangasinan then to La Trinidad and finally to Tublay, Benguet on Oct. 21-22 (Wed-Thu). This is still with our outreach partners- the Ateneo Human Rights Center, our CCF Case Group and Advocates Philippines.

La Trinidad is where 200 people died and communities were wiped out by landslides. In addition to the APS relief packages, school supplies, underwear, batteries and candles are still needed by the affected communities. If you wish to donate, please contact me at 09165105303. You may also help in the packing of bags on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1 PM at Ateneo Professional Schools (APS) LSAC, as we are short of manpower now due to the ongoing exams at the Law School.

For those who want to be deployed, please let me know by Monday. Deployees meet at 3 AM at the APS on Oct. 21 and we are expected to get back the next day at night time. Cargo will be loaded on two army trucks while volunteers will be on a separate light vehicle. 

Thank you to our friends who have already showed their generosity and we are looking forward to more!

Godbless you all.

Krizna Gomez


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