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"The spirit of volunteerism is very much alive." -Fr. Felix Unson, SJ
Posted by admin | Admin | Thursday 1 October 2009 10:38 am 
The following is a letter given by Fr. Felix D. Unson, S.J., Grade School Chaplain at the Ateneo de Manila, to Fr. Renato C. Ocampo, S.J., Alumni Director at the Ateneo de Davao, about the generous response of ADMU students to the call for help of the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. May this continue to inspire us all. 

"It is very consoling to visit the college covered courts where some 2,000 students take turns, 3 hour shifts packing bags with food. loading them in trucks and hauling them off to the various relief centers where Ateneans are already organized so there will be no unahan when the bags are distributed. Well organized talaga, ala assembly line.

A good part of the court is like a....READ MORE @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=723

The Finals Game 1: Ateneo Outplays UE, 78-71
Posted by myopiceagle | myopiceagle | Friday 2 October 2009 10:20 am 
 by Myopic Eagle

Support me in the whelming flood
When all around my soul gives way
He then is all my Hope and Stay

(The Solid Rock by Charlie Hall)

Getting It Done

The start of the UAAP Finals was originally scheduled last Sunday. But game one rightly took a back seat to the public havoc and private pain wrought by Ondoy. Basketball, for all its import as a championship series, does not compare to the ongoing human tragedies. Still, life must go on, even for players and officials and fans of both sides. The first order of business yesterday was the season-ending awards. There was noticeably and understandably less hype, even by coliseum barker Rollie Manlapaz. No one seemed to mind. Even the awardees themselves were more subdued than triumphant. And in keeping with the times, Ateneo had a much more modest haul this season than last; Rabeh Al-Hussaini and Eric Salamat were the Jollibee Yum Doubles Duo, Nico Salva emerged the KFC Sixth Man, and Eric Salamat came through as PSBank Maaasahan Player of the Year.

The big question that preyed on everyone's minds: would Ateneo and UE be mixing it up at a lower key?

Immediately UE trounced FEU in two, factoids swirled like...READ MORE @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=730

Measuring the unmeasurable
Posted by didith | Plausible Deniability | Friday 2 October 2009 11:10 am 
During one of the past school fora, Dr. Emy Liwag of the Psychology Department presented the results of the Ateneo College Student Survey (TACSS).  Fielded once every four years, TACSS tries to measure our students' lifestyles, attitudes, and trajectories.  It is an attempt to understand the generation we teach and in so doing be able to reach out to them more effectively.

One of the questions we asked had to do with what it is our students learn from the Ateneo.  Technical skills and time management ranked and have always ranked highest.  At the bottom of the ranking is and always has been love of country. This finding prompted disappointment in some and despair in others:  We have failed!

But have we really?  Love of country is an abstract construct that is...READ MORE @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=737



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