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Here is the list of works on Disaster, Relief, and Emergency Management


Andres, Tomas D. Risk management & disaster control. Quezon City:  
Giraffe Books, 1999. 148p. [Filipiniana / General Circulation HD61 .A54]

Asian Development Bank. RETA 6091: capacity building for resettlement  
risk management.  Mandaluyong: Asian Development Bank, 2007. 1 CD-ROM  
: 4 ¾ in. [General Circulation HB2160 .R47]

Bankoff, Greg. Cultures of disaster: society and natural hazard in the  
Philippines. London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2003. xvi, 232 p. : ill. [  
Filipiniana / General Circulation  GB5011.76 .B35]

Bazerman, Max H. and Michael D. Watkins. Predictable surprises: the  
disasters you should have seen coming, and how to prevent them.  
Boston: Harvard Business School Press, c2008. xvi, 319 p. : ill., map.  
[General Circulation HV 551.2 .B39]

Cernea, Michael M. Risk analysis and the risks and reconstruction  
model in population resettlement: training course. Mandaluyong City:  
Asian Development Bank, c2007. xiv, 225 p. : ill [General Circulation  
HB 2160 .C468]

Chamley, Herve. Geosciences, environment and man. Amsterdam :  
Elsevier, 2003. Xxi, 527 p. : ill.; 25 cm. [General Circulation QE38.  

Davis, Lee (Lee Allyn). Natural disasters. New York: Checkmark Books,  
2008, c1992. Xvi, 464., [8]p. of plates: ill. [General Circulation  
GB5014 .D38 2008]

Gist, Richard and Bernard Lubin [eds]. Response to disaster:  
psychosocial, community, and ecological approaches. Philadelphia, Pa.:  
Brunner / Mazel. 1999. 363 p. : ill. [General Circulation HV553 .R393]

Gutzman, Alexis D. Unforeseen circumstances. New York: AMACOM, c2002.  
xv, 215 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.  [General Circulation HD49 .G88]

Lindell, Michael K., Carla S. Prater and Ronald W. Perry. Introduction  
to emergency management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, c2007. xxxii, 584 p. :  
ill [General Circulation HV551.2 .L56]

Orense, Ronaldo P. Geotechnical hazards: nature, assessment, and  
mitigation. Diliman, Q.C.: University of the Philippines Press, 2003.  
Xvi, 510 p.: ill., maps; 23 cm.  [Filipiniana Section GB501.4 .O73]

Platt, Rutherford H. Disaster and democracy: the politics of extreme  
natural events. Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1999. 320 p.: ill.   
[General Circulation HV555 .U6 P53]

Redlener, Irwin. Americans at risk: why we are not prepared for  
megadisasters and what we can do now. New York: Knopf, 2006. 273 p.  
[General Circulation HV551.3 .R43]

Reyes, Gilbert and Gerard A. Jacobs (eds.) Handbook of international  
disaster psychology. Westport, Conn: Praeger Publishers, c2006. 4v. :  
ill. ; 25 cm. [RC451. 4.D57 H36 v.1, v.2 , v.3 , v.4]

Social Weather Stations.  SWS Surveybook on disaster management,  
1991-2000. Quezon City: Social Weather Stations, 2002. ii, 49 leaves.  
[Filipiniana HV555 .P5 S97]

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). A global report: reducing  
disaster risk: a challenge for development. New York: UNDP, c2004.  
xii, 146 p. : ill. [General Reference HV551.2 .U55] (Room Use Only)


?Measures to improve disaster prevention readied by government?,  
Manila Bulletin, August 9,2008.p.12

?Private disaster preparedness plan sought,? Manila Bulletin, October  
15, 1999, p.30

Cabreza, Vincent. ?Learning to live with disasters,? Philippine Daily  
Inquirer, July 23, 2008,  p.A16

Datinguinoo, Vinia. ?Preparing for disaster?. I-Report, June 9, 2006, p.6-9

Dulce, Celso B. ?Mobilizing the support of less vulnerable sector for  
disaster resilient communities,? Philippine Sociological Review,  
January 2003, p.51105-114.

Enriquez, Marge C. ?How to cope with disasters?. Philippine Daily  
Inquirer, November 9, 2002, p.C1

Guerrero, Amadis Ma. ?Surviving a catastrophe,? Philippine Daily  
Inquirer, February 15, 2009, p.A19

Lopez, Tony. ?Disaster management a great disaster,? Manila Times,  
June 24, 2008, p.A4

Orejas, Eugene.?Prevailing over disasters through people?s organized  
action?. Philippine Sociological Review, 2003, p.  5181-94.

Orejas, Tonette. ?Now, ?Ready? to get out of harm?s way,? Philippine  
Daily Inquirer, May 8, 2008, p.A1+

Sabater, Madel R. ?In the ring of fire, typhoon belt: Surviving  
disaster,? Manila Bulletin, June 8, 2008, p. 6A-8A.

Tenorio, Arnold S., ?When disaster strikes,? Business World, July 7,  
2000, p.25

Tolentino, Francis N., ?A new disaster management authority,? Manila  
Bulletin, January 26, 2008, p.11

Urlanda, Randy V. ?Disaster reduction for safer communities and  
sustainable development,? Panorama, January 19, 2003, p. 14+

Victoria, Lorna P. 2003. ?Community-based disaster management in the  
Philippines,? Philippine Social Research,  January 2003, p. 5165-80.


Disaster Prevention and Management. Bradford, England: MCB University  
Press, in the EBSCO Host Database,
http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=s8h&jid=NEZ&site=ehost-live  [accessed October 12, 2009] February 27, 2007  

Disasters. Boston, Massachusetts. : EBSCO Publishing.  
http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=s8h&jid=7QS&site=ehost-live, [electronic resource] March 1, 1998  

Internet Journal of Rescue and Disaster Medicine. Sugar Land, Tex:  
Internet Scientific Publications, LLC Electronic journal.
http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=s8h&jid=L4Q&site=ehost-live [accessed October 13, 2009] January 1, 2002  


Villanueva, Diega D. Building the future of disaster risk management  
in the Philippines: a comparative analysis of DRM government agencies  
in the United States and the Philippines.  2009. 1 CD-ROM ; 4 ¾ in.  
[Filipiniana The P6 .V55 2009 CD-ROM]

Preserving nature?s worst: historical accounts of natural disasters in  
the Philippines. 2007.  1 videodisc :sd., col. ;  4 ¾ in.  [Multimedia  
Room GB5011.76 .P74]

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