[Blueboard] Violence and Non-violence in Buddhism

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Fri Nov 20 19:16:07 PHT 2009

Thank you for posting

The Ateneo Center for Asian Studies (ACAS) in cooperation with the  
Office of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences cordially invites  
you to a lecture on



Fr. Noel Sheth, S.J.

on December 8, 3:00-4:30


Escaler Hall

Please extend the invitation to your students.

Lecture abstract:

	Buddhism has emerged as a major world force, particularly in Asia. It  
enjoys a majority in some Asian countries, continues to contribute to  
the cultures of Asia and impacts the world at large. It exercises a  
strong appeal to people in different parts of the world due to its  
varied solutions to the problems and tensions of modern life, its  
contributions to forgiveness, peace and harmony among peoples and to  
ecological balance, its liberative thrust towards equality and  
justice, and its extraordinary capacity to inculturate itself in  
different cultures. At the same time, Buddhism has become violent in  
some countries and is a faith in flames.

Brief CV:

Fr. Noel Sheth, S.J, holds a doctorate in Sanskrit from Harvard  
University. His publications deal with the exegesis of Sanskrit and  
Pali texts, on Hinduism, Buddhism and on comparative philosophy and  
theology. His book, The Divinity of Krishna, is mentioned in the  
prestigious Encyclopedia of Religion.

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