[Blueboard] Visiting Lectures: Doing Politics in a Globalizing World

alma maria salvador alma.salvador at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 08:34:22 PHT 2009

Pls post. Thank you very much!

Faculty, doctoral and masteral students and researchers are invited to:

*"Doing Politics in a Globalizing World: Visiting Lectures on
Political Analysis and Research Methodology"*

                                                    *Rodelio "Dax" Manacsa,
Ph.D. *
University, USA)
                        Visiting Lecturer of the Department of Political
Science, School of Social Sciences

                           Time and Venue:  Nov. 23 to 27, 2009, School of
Social Sciences Conference Rooms 1/2

23 Nov- Theory building and Methodology
24 Nov- Quantitative Political Analysis
25 Nov- Emerging Techniques
26 Nov- Doing research in International Relations and Comparative Politics
27 Nov- Theory, Methods and Reform:  Focus on the Philippines

* Nov 23 to 27  (9am to 12 noon are lectures; 1pm to 5 pm are one-on-one
alma maria o. salvador

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