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A sea of green
Posted by Hilda | My Glass Eye | Tuesday 19 May 2009 3:57 pm 
Revised from an entry originally posted in My Manila on January 23, 2009

No, I am not referring to the other side of the arena during an Ateneo-La Salle game.

The three tallest structures in the Ateneo de Manila right now are the Church of the Gesù and its bell tower, the two-tower student dormitory, and the Ricardo & Dr. Rosita Leong Hall (which you can't see here because I took this photo from its roof deck). I'm not counting the new Rizal Library yet since it still isn't finished.

The scale of the church and the dorm here is deceiving because the terrain is hidden by the trees. The church stands on the highest point of the campus. Behind it, the land begins to slope downward until it ends on a cliff which overlooks Marikina valley. I haven't visited the new dorm yet, but it probably has a wonderful view of the City of Marikina and the Sierra Madre mountains. 

VIEW PHOTO @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=415 

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