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(Monday, 18 May 2009)

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JAIME G. CRUZ, 5'4" tall and slim
Married, 33 years old 
A resident of Sitio Cacalog, Gate 1, Cogeo, Antipolo City.  

JAIME G. CRUZ visited Manila Observatory (MO) at 8:30 a.m. last Friday, 15
May to see a Jesuit working there.  The porter Mr. Henry B. Nayve left the
counter to talk with an employee in another room.  When he returned, he
noted that his cell phone which he left at the counter was gone.  Mr. Cruz
was no longer around.  Mr. Nayve called security and pursued JAIME G. CRUZ
who was already on Fr. Masterson Drive.  He was able to recover his cell

The cell phone that was recovered is seen on the left.  
The thief is an ex-convict and bears the tattoo of the "Sique Sigue
Commando" gang.  

Before going to MO, Mr. Cruz was at the Jesuit Residence and the Arrupe
International Residence.  He has been helped by Jesuits in the past.  Mr.
Nayve did not want to file charges and the suspect was turned over to
Barangay Loyola Heights.  

The community is cautioned to be vigilant in dealing with visitors and
strangers in offices.   


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