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Call for Papers:
?The Phantasm in Southern Thailand: Historical Writings on Patani and the
Islamic World?
Chulalongkorn University, 11-12 December 2009

The Regional Studies Program, Walailak University, the Department of
History, Chulalongkorn University, the Thailand Research Fund, and the
National Discovery Museum Institute are pleased to announce a call for
papers for an international conference on the subject of the historiography
of Patani, titled ?The Phantasm in Southern Thailand: History Writing on
Patani and Islamic World?.
Following the renewed outbreak of violence in the border provinces of
southern Thailand since 2004 the attention of academics, media, and indeed
governments has focused on the role that Islam - or more precisely, a
political ideology based on Islam ? has played in the conflict. Such an
emphasis on religion risks neglecting other more salient factors that
underly the conflict. What is particularly lacking in the contemporary
debate about the violence in southern Thailand is the role that historical
consciousness plays in the minds of the militants and the people in the
region - and in particular the influence that nationalist historiography
about the former Malay sultanate of Patani has played in forming this
historical consciousness.

Expressed in its classic form in Ibrahim Syukri?s Sejarah Kerajaan Patani
Melayu (History of the Malay Kingdom of Patani), Patani Malay nationalist
historiography depicts the history of Patani as an ongoing struggle for
independence from the Siamese state. It portrays Patani as a once powerful,
prosperous and independent trading state and a prominent centre of Islamic
scholarship in Southeast Asia, until it came under the Siamese yoke in the
late eighteenth-early nineteenth century. Patani has been struggling to
break free from Siamese control and injustice ever since. The historiography
of Patani thus reflects the nationalist historiographies of other formerly
colonized Southeast Asian states, except that the struggle is not against a
Western colonial power, but the Siamese state. The story is one of
bitterness and nostalgia for a glorious, independent past. This narrative of
Patani?s history is in stark contrast to official Thai accounts which view
Patani as a vassal state of Siam since the Sukhothai era.

The aim of this conference is to critically evaluate historical writing
about the Patani Malays and to assess the extent of its influence in
southern Thailand today.

The conference will be held over two days from 11-12 December 2009 at
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

We would greatly appreciate if your program could bring this conference to
the attention of interested staff, graduate students, researchers and other
potential participants. Further details are available at the conference
website at www.patani-conference.net which will be updated regularly. A
conference poster is attached with this message.

The deadline for submission of conference paper abstracts (no more than one
page) is 30 May 2009. Abstracts may be submitted in English, Thai, or
Malay. Please send abstracts to davisakd.puaksom at gmail.com or
history at chula.ac.th

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