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Thu Mar 19 09:23:03 PHT 2009

Bogus, man!
Posted by didith | Plausible Deniability | Thursday 19 March 2009 5:39 am 
In an effort to do some strategic planning, I consulted a psychic yesterday.

Go ahead, laugh. It's ok.

I don't consult with psychics on a regular basis.  This is the first time in 20 years that I've seen one and only the 5th time in my life that I've actually had myself "read."  After the reading, I remembered why I'm not a believer.  Most of what he said was so general that the probability of it being true is no higher than chance.  Some of what he said was common sense.  And then some stuff was just wrong. 

The psychic said that 2008 was a disappointment to me and that 2009 would be much better.  I happen to think that 2008 was amazing and I've said this several times.  Were there disappointments?  Of course!  Is there a year, a month, a week, a day that is completely disappointment-free?  If my toast is slightly browner than usual, isn't that "disappointing"?  Still, 2008 had far more wins than losses.  If that counts as a disappointing year and 2009 is going to be even better, then I'd better buy a lotto ticket!

He also said 2009 is a...Read more. 

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