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(Monday, 22 June 2009)

The Situation Report of 22 June 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at

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TRAFFIC:  The MMDA closed the U-turn under the Gate 2.5 footbridge (near
National Bookstore) at 5:30 p.m. last Saturday, 20 June.  The U-turn was
used by motorists coming from the flyover (northbound) last Friday evening
to go south and many crossed Katipunan to Alvero Street.  This practice is
dangerous.  It also blocked southbound vehicles.  MMDA opened the Gate 2.5
U-turn today with traffic enforcers in the area.  

There were four MMDA personnel at Gate 1, two at Gate 2 and one at Gate 3.
Mr. Robert C. Nacianceno MMDA General Manager was in the area and assigned
Engr. Emilio M. Llavor to stay on and monitor traffic on campus. 

Early Morning Rush Hour:  The High School (2,300 students) resumed classes
today.  The Grade School (4,300 students) plus the High School students
enter the campus generally from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. via the three gates.  

The Ateneo Grade School starts classes after the 7:15 a.m. flag ceremony.
The High School starts classes after the 7:45 a.m. flag ceremony.  An
indicator of traffic this morning is the number of students late in the
Grade School and High School.  

o	GRADE SCHOOL:  only 11 students were recorded late at 7:30 a.m.  
o	HIGH SCHOOL:  3 students were recorded late at 7:45 a.m.  
o	1,525 vehicles were counted going to the High School from 5:30 a.m.
to 8:00 a.m.  Traffic going to the High School peaked between 6:30 to 7:30

Miriam College generally starts classes at 7:15 a.m. for their Grade School
(2,600+ students) and 7:20 a.m. for High School (1,900+ students).  Given
that Miriam College has no classes for college on Mondays, today's traffic
was not typical rush hour traffic.    

Katipunan and campus traffic are two sides of a coin.  Rush hour traffic on
campus affects Katipunan as traffic on Katipunan bottles up vehicles on
campus.  The early morning traffic rush hour starts from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.
and is heaviest between 6:15 and 6:45 a.m.  Those who wish to avoid heavy
traffic are advised to come before the rush hour or after the rush hour.
Campus security has been instructed not to entertain requests for taxi at
this time.  The community is requested to understand that this is a very
busy time for security.

Dismissal Rush Hour:  Traffic builds up again on campus and Katipunan during
dismissal times.  To see the combined dismissal schedule of the Grade School
and High School this week, please see:  Dismissal Time Schedule of Grade
School & High School for the week of 22 to 26 June

Traffic at the Grade School complex improved this year with the measures
instituted by the Grade School.  Among these are:

1.	Volume reduction with the staggered dismissal time.
2.	Designated pick-up points and curbside loading of students for
various grade levels.
3.	Separate exit for school service/buses.
4.	Designated parking areas for parents/fetchers of Prep and Grade 1
5.	Designated route and pedestrian lanes with assigned guards to
facilitate crossing of Grade School students and fetchers.

Security has been monitoring the time it takes to pick-up students by grade
levels since Thursday last week.  It is believed that pick up time will
improve as students, fetchers and parents adjust to the new system.    

It should be mentioned that the Grade School AGSPAC parent volunteer
marshals have been effective and efficient in encouraging the community to
adjust to the new system.  Pictures will be taken of the parent marshals in
action.  They will be posted next week. 

Gate Pass Stickers:  

1.	Issuance of visitor passes has not been implemented during the
morning rush hour this month.  
2.	This delays traffic.
3.	They are issued after the morning rush hour.

There are still many vehicles without gate pass stickers entering the
campus.  Table shows the number of gate pass stickers issued to school

PARKING:  Improvements in parking were done this summer but more needs to be

Asphalt paved carpark at the Northwest carpark.  Pedestrian lanes and walk
were added.

SECURITY:  A break-in in the Grade School complex took place early morning
of 13 June.  Broken into were the P.E. office at the Covered Courts and the
Grade 2 faculty lounge at Paquing Hall.  These facilities are at the
southeast area near Barangka cemetery and vacant lots.  Reported missing was
a CD player from the P.E. office.  Additional guards have since been posted.

1.	The thieves went through the cyclone wire fence.  
2.	They also broke through the window grills.
3.	Another view of the damaged window grilles.
4.	Although the thieves did not enter through the cemetery, the burial
boxes or "nitsos" are now higher than the Grade School fence.  A section of
the cemetery is actually within Ateneo property.  About ten years ago, these
"nitsos" were at ground level.  Barb wires will be placed over the Grade
School fence.

Unlocked Cars:  Fifteen cars were found unlocked on campus as of Saturday 20

The number of personal items found and returned as of 20 June is shown.

1.	Monday, 8 Jun:  Found wireless phone at the High School 4G
classroom.  Claimed by a High School parent two days later.
2.	Wednesday, 17 Jun:  Cell phone found by SG GREGORIO Q MARTIN (not
shown in the picture) on a bench at the SEC walkway.  Claimed by LS coed on
the same day.
3.	Friday, 19 Jun:  Cell phone found SG PANFILO V PAGARAN (not shown in
the picture) on a bench behind Bellarmine Hall.  Claimed by LS coed on the
same day.
4.	Friday, 19 Jun:  Cell phone found by SG LYNDON CLOMA (not shown in
the picture) on a bench in the Grade School complex.  Claimed by the student
with mother two days later.
5.	Saturday, 20 Jun:  Cell phone found by SG JOSEPH S BANHAO (not shown
in the picture) on a bench beside De la Costa Hall.  Claimed by LS student
on the same day.


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