[Blueboard] Communal Services - Start of the School Year

Ivan Jacob Agaloos Pesigan ipesigan at ateneo.edu
Fri Jun 19 14:31:44 PHT 2009

TO:               The University Community
FROM:             The President

In the spirit of starting the school year as "co-workers and  
companions in our common mission" I invite the community to  
participate in this year?s Communal Services-Start of School Year.

Fr. Nicolas, the present Superior General of the Society of Jesus,  
chooses two terms, "co-workers and companions, in preference to  

In keeping with this spirit this communal activity invites us to  
examine our relationship with our GOD through our relations with our  
co-workers within our respective small communities-our offices. And to  
share ourselves in loving service to others through the
work that we do

Led by the Office for Mission, Identity, and Organizational  
Development (OMIOD), these community prayer and reflection sessions  
will be scheduled between 22 June and 10 July 2009. Jesuit scholastics  
and campus ministers will be invited to facilitate the sessions for  
designated workgroups in each unit.

I thank most sincerely Bro. Jeffery Pioquinto, S.J. for designing the  
services as well as the committee involved in this endeavor.

May I request all units and offices to make the necessary arrangements  
so that the administrative officers, professionals, staff and  
interested faculty can participate in this program.

With prayers and warm wishes.


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