[Blueboard] TRAFFIC BULLETIN - Friday, 19 June 2009

Irine Escuadro iescuadro at ateneo.edu
Fri Jun 19 11:58:19 PHT 2009

(Friday, 19 June 2009)

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MMDA personnel came in force today to ensure that there will be no more
traffic gridlock along Katipunan.  New developments:

1.	MMDA traffic enforcers directed traffic to decongest the northbound
service road, allowing northbound vehicles to proceed unimpeded by vehicles
entering Ateneo's Gate 1.

MMDA traffic enforcers outside Gate 2 directing vehicles to enter Gate 2 and
Gate 3.  Gate 1 is congested in the early morning, while Gate 2 and Gate 3
are underutilized.

2.	MMDA also reopened the U-turn at the 2.5 footbridge. 

1.	Shortly after the morning rush hour, MMDA personnel came to
rearrange the concrete barriers south of the Gate 2.5 footbridge.
2.	The reopened U-turn slot is to allow vehicles coming from the north
(UP/CP Garcia area) to make a U-turn to go to the north (Ateneo, Miriam
College and La Vista/Grand Villa). 
3.	The reopened U-turn slot shown with McDonalds on the upper right of
the picture.
4.	The U-turn slot was used by vehicles already mid-morning today.  The
intention here is to decongest the U-turn slot under the flyover over Aurora

As relayed by MMDA General Manager Mr. Robert C. Nacianceno, MMDA will
observe effects of changes made and adjust where needed to improve traffic
on Katipunan.


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