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	Many Christians today have that yearning for God and interpret this  
yearning as an invitation to deeper prayer.  The invitation can be  
realized through the "RETREAT IN DAILY LIFE" based on the Spiritual  
Exercises of St. Ignatius.  From his own life experience, Ignatius  
created a way for women and men to deepen their relationship with God  
in the context of their daily lives.

	The retreat offers opportunities for the on-going integration of the  
Gospel with daily life.  It provides a wonderful, effective way of  
discovering God in all things.

	A Retreat in Daily Life is a way to give yourself some space in your  
busy life.  It is an opportunity to experience:
	-  deeper companionship with God
	-  personal guidance in your spirituality
	-  the transforming power of the Gospel.

	We are offering three (3) forms of retreat in daily life.


After registering for the retreat, a person agrees...

1.	to attend the Opening and Closing Session of the retreat
2.	to pray using Scripture for 15 to 30 minutes a day
3.	to do brief journal writing about their experience of prayer
4.	to meet privately for 30 minutes each day with the prayer guide  
assigned to you

The daily meeting with your prayer guide focuses on what is happening  
in your daily prayer.
The role of the prayer guide is to listen to you and help you decide  
how you might spend your prayer time the next day.

B.	SIX WEEKS RETREAT IN DAILY LIFE (Group or Individually Directed)

After registering for this retreat, a person agrees...

1.	1, 2, and 3 of A
2.	To meet for half an hour once a week with your prayer guide (for  
individually directed) or meet for 45 min. to an hour with the group  
(for group RDL)

C.	TWELVE WEEKS RETREAT IN DAILY LIFE (Group or Individually Directed)

1.	same as Six Weeks RDL

SCHEDULES:	First Semester SY 2009-2010

A.	Week of Directed Prayer:	July 18 to 25, 2009

B.	Six Weeks Retreat in Daily Life:  week of July 27 to week of Sept. 4, 2009

C.	Twelve Weeks Retreat in Daily Life:  week of July 20 to week of  
Sept 28, 2009


For more information and signing up, visit

Loyola Schools Campus Ministry Office
GF, MVP Student Leadership Center
Ateneo de Manila University

Local 5161
Email:	  ls_cmo @ateneo.edu OR rdeguzman at ateneo.edu

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